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Effects of Maturity and 1-MCP Treatment on Fruit Quality and Browing of Banana-plum During Cold Stroage

Author GongPu
Tutor ZhangBaiQing
School Shenyang Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords Night banana Lee Browning Fruit quality 1-MCP Maturity
CLC S662.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Plums during refrigerated storage , with fruit ripening and tissue senescence , often varying degrees of flesh browning , which largely affected plum fruit quality and value of the goods . In this study, the late banana Li test material , harvest maturity and different concentrations of 1 - MCP ( 1 - methylcyclopropene ) treatment of late banana Lee storage quality and flesh browning of a suitable refrigeration harvest maturity and refrigerated conditions suitable concentration of 1-MCP provides a theoretical basis for the storage and preservation of late banana plum . The results showed that : 1 . Maturity ( the fruit yellowish-white area accounted for 2/3 , the aroma is obvious , feel softer ) fruit quality is much higher than the low maturity of fruit , close to the ripe fruit , respiratory rate , and MDA content lower activity of PPO , late storage is able to maintain a lower membrane permeability , low browning degree of maturity than the other two , is the most suitable for refrigerated harvest maturity ; 2. during cold storage , 1 - MCP treatment not maintain higher fruit firmness , but to make the fruit firmness declined , total acid content and no obvious regularity . 1-MCP treatment to maintain a high level of total sugar content , significantly inhibited the respiration rate , changes in membrane permeability , MDA ( malondialdehyde ) content increased PPO activity , total phenolic content increased and browning and delay the arrival of the peak of breathing . Under refrigeration of 1-MCP concentration of 500 NL / L . The treatment is to maintain a low membrane permeability , MDA content , PPO activity and total phenol content , lower degree of browning . 4.1 - MCP treatment significantly inhibited the storage of 30 days shelf life late banana fruit respiration , changes in membrane permeability , MDA generation , the generation and decay of total phenolic content browning , and can maintain a high level of total sugar , soluble solids content and total acid content , and the inhibitory effect on fruit firmness and PPO activity is not obvious. 5 shelf life of 60 days storage later banana fruit , 1 - MCP treatment was able to inhibit the respiration , changes in membrane permeability , MDA generation , the PPO active and decay browning , and can maintain a high level of soluble solids content and total acid content , total phenolic content , fruit firmness and control fruit is not significantly different .

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