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The Visual Physical Individual Measurement of 103 Furniture Surface Color and the Analysis of Color Psychological Characteristics

Author WangWenBin
Tutor WangFengHu;LiuYiXing
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Wood Science and Technology
Keywords Visual Physical Color Psychology Surface color School characteristics Furniture industry The amount of visual psychology Color system Colorimetry Munsell color system Color space
CLC TS664.01
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Do three work, summarized as follows: the first literature review, through a lot of information and data analysis overview of the Chinese furniture market, foreign furniture development overview and discussion of the problems of China's furniture industry, the gap with foreign countries. Explore the the furniture development process which, in order to achieve diversification, personalized, fashion, circulation, etc., to meet the physical function and mental function, from decorative and artistic point of view, the furniture aesthetic development, which leads to The central task of this paper is the determination of the amount of physical quantities and psychological 103 kinds of common furniture colors. In this part of the literature review, also predecessors have done work in this area. The second part of the 103 kinds of furniture surface color chromatic parameters measurement and analysis. This section describes the colorimetry development survey, the generation of color, the color of the notation. (Color system, mixing system, CIE chromaticity system). This chapter describes the colored card reference method for color measurement methods, visual colorimeter law, spectrophotometer method. The colorimetry color system CIE (1931) standard colorimetric system, CIE (1964) the supplemental standard colorimetric system, CIE1976 (La * b *) uniform color space, the Munsell color system, Munsell color The digital representation of the body system. This chapter describes the test material derived sources, Introduction to use test instrument, the Munsell color parameters of translation. Determination of the physical quantity of 103 kinds of decorative veneer sheet surface color L *, a *, b *, Cab *, hab * measured values, and the Munsell color system is derived by converting the hue (H), lightness (V ), purity (C) values. Then color analysis of the resulting data and preliminary statistical analysis of data charts. L * a * b * color space common furniture color distribution, and distribution of the Munsell color space. The third part of the 103 kinds of decorative veneer material amount of visual psychological testing and visual environment characteristics. First, the work done by the previous timber psychological tests, and introduced the principle of visual physiological and psychological, the next expression analysis of the color of the furniture, listed a total sense of Lenovo content. The part of the basis of the above analysis, the selected 12 psychological, and a variety of populations tested, comparative analysis of the test results are grouped visual physics of the different types of group management and psychological analysis of visual mental The correlation between the amount of analysis, which found that different people, different gender, and psychological feelings of similarities and differences of color. These findings, the perfect color psychology, to explore color science research methods, scientific predictions on the selection of furniture, decorative timber and improve the quality of human habitation to cultivate awareness of people's aesthetic has positive significance.

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