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Studies on Drought of Forage Triticale in Seedling and the Screening of SSR Molecular Marker

Author ZhangWei
Tutor CaoLianPu;LiCheng
School Shihezi University
Course Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords Forage triticale Seedling Water Stress Study on Drought Resistance SSR markers
CLC S543.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Triticale wheat and rye after generic hybrids, chromosome doubling of new synthetic crops, grain, economics, and feed a variety of purposes. Of forage triticale has many advantages of feeding quality, high yield, strong resistance, making it the rookie forage crops. Xinjiang is a typical temperate continental climate, drought, forage triticale process in the vast Farms to promote its drought resistance more and more people's attention. However, less previous triticale drought, more research on drought resistance at the molecular level of triticale is no publicly reported. For screening the suitable black Barley DROUGHT RESISTANCE typical traits and molecular markers, the experimental select 30 different genotypes, including drought-related marker screening pro triticale material, triticale 3-leaf stage hydroponic seedlings 20% PEG-6000 for different time drought stress screening including conductivity, MDA, water physiological, proline, root to shoot ratio, leaf curl, root proliferation and coleoptile and other related drought physiological and morphological indicators. And select the appropriate drought-resistant traits screening for SSR markers. These studies are of great significance for breeding drought-resistant varieties of triticale. Triticale drought traits blades relative conductivity, MDA and proline concentration with the extension of time of water stress increased with the complex water extension of time to reduce. Relative conductivity and malondialdehyde, not a short period of time after rehydration fully restored but recover faster penetration of substances in preparations proline rehydration. Compared with the control after 72 h in 20% PEG6000 drought stress, the materials are different degrees of coleoptile growth inhibition and moisture content reduces the phenomenon, some materials have different degrees of leaf curl and root proliferation phenomenon, most of the material stress after root to shoot ratio increased compared with the control. Variation of conductivity, moisture content, coleoptile length and root proliferation index under water stress. These indicators not only the difference between the different materials significantly, and has a significant correlation between indicators, suitable as a typical indicators to be applied in the identification of black Barley Drought; malondialdehyde, proline, leaf curl and root cap than other indicators, affected by other factors more difficult to grasp the law, should not be used alone as a black Barley Identification of Drought Resistance of indicators. Drought cluster analysis showed that the tested materials drought the best performing materials 04 spring H Department the spring of 757-758,04 H Department 499-500,04 spring H Department 447-448,04 spring H series 547 -548, H05-5, the most sensitive material for the the 04 spring H Spring 147-148,04 H of 799-800,04 spring the H series 513-514,04 spring H Department 729-730,04 spring H Department 415-416. Which, according to the field drought resistance form performance selected drought parent H05-5 before the start of the experiment, the 30th materials belong to the 30 material in the comprehensive drought resistance is one of the best materials, sensitive parental H04-7, 25 materials is a 30 material drought tolerance in the middle of the material. ? 2. Drought SSR markers filter selections Water Stress the coleoptile length change (72h stress / CK) for Drought SSR marker screening. Used in this study, 497 wheat and rye SSR primers, 164 were polymorphic between drought parents and sensitive parents of 33.0%. In addition to 4R, 7R not screened to specific primers, 164 primer all over each set of chromosomes of the A, B, R, of which more distribution for the 5A chromosome -16 specific primers, 2A chromosome -14 specific primers, 5B chromosome - 15-specific primers, 1B chromosome -13 specific primers. Other chromosomes are in the range of 1 to 12 primers. SSR-BSA method pro this specific primers Filter H05-5 and H04-7 combination F2 population obtained the two 72hWS/CK coleoptile length of quantitative trait loci of linked markers cfd25 and xbarc155. But for conductivity unfiltered to the mark.

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