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Studies on the On-line Insulation Monitoring System of High Voltage Electric Equipment in Substations

Author QuLvSheng
Tutor JiaYiMei
School North China Electric Power University
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Line Insulation Monitoring High voltage capacitor type equipment Substation Online monitoring Measurement system Immunity test Intelligent terminal Technical design Design flow chart Fieldbus technology
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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This paper first describes the current situation and development trend of the importance of conducting line insulation monitoring at home and abroad to carry out this work . Then , line insulation monitoring system and in this article do work . The paper select the high voltage capacitor device as online monitoring of objects , specially developed the online monitoring system of fieldbus technology designed for this type of equipment . Value describes the composition of the online monitoring system of high - voltage electrical equipment , and in theory analysis of the insulating characteristics of the high-voltage capacitor type device , the mathematical model , the digital waveform analysis method based on Fourier transform of the signal analysis and calculations , as online monitoring method . An error may occur on the high voltage capacitor type device in monitoring , analysis and judgment. The sensor is a key component in the online monitoring system , particularly in technical requirements and design characteristics of the sensor . Discussed in detail on the part of the text of the online monitoring system of communication . Firstly, the concept of fieldbus technology , and discusses its characteristics , and then select the communication program and given the application points . Finally, the software design flow chart of the communications between the control end of the host computer and the next machine scene intelligent terminal . After the completion of the on -line monitoring system hardware part and the software part of the design , laboratory testing and simulated field of low-voltage analog high voltage test and immunity test . The results of these tests show that the online fieldbus technology insulation monitoring system works correctly , the monitoring results are valid . Line insulation monitoring , a useful exploration , research has practical significance for promoting China insulation online monitoring .

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