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Efficient , low-cost solar cells

Author ZuoXiaoYong
Tutor LuJingXiao
School Zhengzhou University
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Silicon solar cells Low cost Thin film batteries Polysilicon Mechanical groove Preparation techniques Cell efficiency Solar grade silicon Oxidation Semiconductor process
CLC TM914.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Ab8tractThe futhe M fOr the developmen of the solar cell is tO hather twve the effic~ andlower the cost. At Prdent, the efficienCy of the high-etheien soar Cell Inade in labondory hasbeen close to 25% 8nd the extra seale is alrePdy boited. TherfOre, thc gh wtis bold bepaid on the low coSt and industrialhation. The Urgeni pndem to be soved is hOw to s~fy thePngess Of the high-effichay solar cell in laboraories and 8pply tO Mal Nn.According to the idea, the mper studles the ProduChon theogy of the me-cally ~bdried contaCt so1ar ce11 and the PrePaboon ednology of the multi-crystelire thin fi1m solar ce1lon the inexPensive SSP subStrae.The paPer is taken intO two pes Wg to the cPPtent, The firS tw ndes theproduction techno1ogy of the mechaCaly grooved buried contat solar cen. The lmmWdefmpers and dmp endtter with dmp junction and mediUm cboer’s densty are adoed in the dsstriof the solar cell. The dry okidatlon-wet okidation wt okidation PrOCeSs, often used .in thesendondctor produCtiOn. is adoPted to for and back schce P8Ssivation. The tAne of thermaoxidtion is Wly shortened and the daInages caused by 1ong tAne high pee processddriiM. The eXPenment Proves the requmeent of the device and the PrOcess in the qnd1ityand the thlcboss of the silicon oxidation layer is well met. The na alaminum back whce fieldsboctUre is adOPted whlch redly hoproves the collecting efficiency of the cwhers, lowers the backWe recombinbo and driPrOves the packing factor and the efficierey of the solar cell. Basedon the ProPer design and stwle Process, the efficiency of the mecbocally grooved buriedcOnact solar cel1 on the sun gude sll1con nake withch38mm gain5 as The converslonefficiency of l4% is POssible if the e1ectrOless plating Process and the Ohhac contact aretheroved.The otber part StUdied the Preparation technology of the multi-cryStalline dri film cell on theineWsi’e SSP SLthstrate. FraWfer InStitute once gave the stahstics tha the material costcomes to 50% of the net cost while the technique only comes to l5%. So to lower the material coStis ncccssary The multi-crystaline thin film solar cel1 is Paid attention to because of itS advantagein this reSPect. SSP, an ineXPensive and high-teInPeate Substrate, is ProsPective to be used in thethin fibo ceIl The P+ bAner l8yer 8nd raPid growh teChnology are adoPted tO restIain the xadverse effect on the thin f1bo caused by the wtties in the SSP tw the process of the2groWth of multi-crystal1ine thin film. The raPid growth teChnology not only decease the advereeeffect on the thin fiIm but increase the guin size of multi-coptalline thin filIn. The efficiency ofthe multi-crystaline thin fi1m solar cell on the l cm2 SSP substrate gains 4.5%. we think P+boerlayer -is inferior to SiO2 layer and the efficlency of the ce1l will approach and even exceed theefficiency of 8%, the world record, if the SiO2portratcd structUre and passiVation of edce andgrain boundary are adoPted.

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