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Studies on Core SSR Primers for Brassica Napus

Author YangJun
Tutor FuTingDong;ShenJinXiong
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords Brassica napus Core SSR primers Genetic Diversity
CLC S565.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Rape is one of the most important oil crops in China and the world, the hybrid rapeseed planting area in China accounts for about 70% of the total area of ??rapeseed, the world has about 40%. With the acceleration of the process of genetic improvement, the number of new varieties (including hybrids) sharp increase in the use of traditional methods such as morphological markers for species identification more and more difficult, there is an urgent need to establish a reliable, fast, simple, efficient cultivar identification the system. In many crops are already widely used SSR marker analysis of genetic diversity, genetic relationship, the purity of hybrid varieties Fingerprinting library used to protect the property rights of the new varieties. This study was to carry out the work of two aspects: first screening, the establishment of SSR core primers suitable for Brassica napus, on this basis, the use of two randomly selected hybrids through its purity identification to verify that the establishment of rape core SSR accurate sex. The main results of this study are as follows: 1 of this study were collected from 85 rapeseed varieties, most of them of different periods, different ecological zones breeding, has a large area to promote the cultivars (including a small number of hybrids), some China's rapeseed production in early local varieties, and another part in the improvement of China's rapeseed varieties have played an important role in the introduction of foreign resources. (2) the use of 85 Brassica napus rapeseed varieties screened 746 pairs of SSR primers, 20 pairs of primer material is selected out as the core primers, 20 pairs of primer material is selected out as an alternative primers, 40 pairs of primers relatively evenly distributed in Brassica napus the 19 linkage groups. 3.20 on the core primers PIC from 0.527 to 0.787, with an average of 0.663; Shannon-Weaver and Simpson index average of 1.382 and 0.711. 4 using 20 pairs of core primers UPGMA cluster analysis of 85 varieties, similarity coefficient of 0.89, can be 85 varieties completely separate; 40 pairs of primers UPGMA cluster analysis of 85 varieties, the same region of the genetic distance, in different parts of the genetic distance. 5 randomly selected the core primers BRAS067 two varieties purity identification, molecular identification results and field test results are basically the same. These results suggest that the screening SSR core primers with a strong practical and accuracy in rape variety identification, genetic relationship between the 40 pairs of primers kinds of goods to the accurate analysis of the varieties.

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