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The Research of Information Integrated Control of Highway Project

Author JiangQian
Tutor LiYingZhou
School Lanzhou University
Course Public Administration
Keywords highway construction Informatization Comprehensive control Analysis
CLC F542
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Highway traffic is flexible, quick convenient, and wide coverage.In addition, the accessibility is good, it is a important component of modern comprehensive transportation system.From the view of realities in china,higher and higher demands are proposed in highway transportation because of the economic development.In order to satisfy the need of china’s economic boom, we need to prompt highway traffic especially highway has a bigger development. But the investment of highway construction, especially large highway construction project is big, the effect is slow, and the woking time is long. It is a management issue of complicated, invole wide, intensely comprehensive. The cost control,quality control and safety control are important segment. today, how to introduce new technology in highway construction projects, so as to save money, shorten the construction period, improve quality,and how to realize the highway information integrated management have become a primary concerned problem of academia, the government,and construction units.Because of the the geographical distribution of highway construction project and the complexity of the entire project management, the control about the integrated information of expressway construction project is particularly difficult, although there have been many management software about expressway construction project, it also have limitation and not integrated into the system of management philosophy. Along with the innovation of computer technology and the perfection of project management science. The information managemet of the highway construction project will no longer be a problem. The use of the modern computer’s information management, network technology can make the multi-level, multi project, many users and the whole process of highway construction project management business all together effectively, establishing a flexible and diverse information library which service in highway construction, in this way, the management of the highway construction will be more scientific, automation, modernization and improve the efficiency of the work.The highway construction project about the control of integrated information system is when operate the highway construction project with the systematic method and the method of modern management as the basis to achieve the project goal, in a variety of internal and external constraints based on the technology of computer and the scientific management methods. By this mean, achieve the dynamic management of expressway construction project.Therefore, this article extract the expressway construction management in general in the needs of Southeastern of Gansu high-speed routine project. From system analysis, determine the system goal, principle and key technology, organize and design system database, using the scientific development ideas and steps and the information method to standardize the project management and the full realization of Expressway Construction project integrated information control as a starting point, design and develop a project with flexibility, customization capability, strong interactivity and covers a comprehensive business.in addition to this,the output type of the information is rich. software products is practical project system about information integrated control.system project and flexible customization capabilities enable information management system will no longer be needed for development of construction management for each important resource investment project, realize the management of business information, the project supervision and management will be more scientific, more standardized, more effective, more convenient, make the system become the office tools of construction participants, information inputs to reduce the intensity of the work.In the design of the system frame, this article based on the investigation argumentation about highway construction project information integrated control of domestic and foreign research present situation,the related theory and key technology is comprehensive elaborated, in the case analysis about our country highway construction project of information integrated control universal problems at present. the overall scheme of the construction expressway construction project and implementation of a comprehensive analysis of the information integrated control concept into the possibility of expressway construction project. In the application of the system, our country is in the period of transformation from the traditional management pattern to the computer management, so that the use of the information control system in highway construction projects is especially important, this article based on the existing information management technology and the experience about the highway construction in individual links information control. It is in the southeast of gansu which was listed as the country’s important consrtuction project as an example. From improve the efficiency of the work and shorten the work processes to strengthen the management of monitoring, reduce errors, reduce the costs, enhance economic efficiency, improve the decision analysis and the quality of the construction work, combining with the system of radio frequency identification, network video transmission, data storage and backup mechanism, system safety and the design of the database development technology, demonstrates the information technology into highway construction project in all aspects and the project management on the lateral and vertical integration possibilities.

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