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White Tiger the Herd pill anti- RA mechanism study - the impact of the the AA rats synovial cell function

Author ZhangShengPeng
Tutor LaiTianSong
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Medical Formulae
Keywords Synovial Cytokines White Tiger Herd pills
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Rheumatoid arthritis is a symmetry of the peripheral joints polyarthritis chronic systemic diseases as the main feature, has a longer duration, morbidity and high. The cause of RA is unknown, the pathogenesis is not yet entirely clear. Monokine known to be secreted by synovial cells, cartilage cells, macrophages, etc., such as IL-1, TNF plays a dominant role in the acute RA synovial inflammation, fibrosis, bone and cartilage destruction. NO and PGE 2 is an important mediator of inflammation, and since having a wide range of effects in the pathogenesis of RA. Therefore, by inhibiting RA synovial excessive cytokine IL-1, TNF, and the release of excessive secretion of inflammatory mediators NO of PGE 2 should be a desirable way to one of the treatment of RA. White Tiger the Herd pill is the White Tiger Guizhi soup based on subtraction with heat dampness drive wind Tongluozhitong efficacy, confirmed that the party has a good effect on early RA after years of clinical use. In order to further investigate the mechanism of its anti-RA, AA rats as a pathological model to observe the the the white tiger Herd pill treatment of AA rats, its primary cultured synovial cells to secrete IL-1β, TNF-α and the release of NO, PGE 2 impact. The results show that the subject: rat synovial cells in primary culture study of synovial tissue by digestion with tissue culture method can get ideal training system, digestion obtain three typical cell morphology : macrophage-like cells (MCs), fibroblast-like cells (FCs), dendritic-like cells (DCs), tissue culture method can only be obtained FCs a cell morphology. Optimum digestion and separation conditions were 0.1% collagenase (out containing 10% fetal calf serum DMEM complete culture medium preparation) digestion of 2.5 hours to 0.5 hours digested by 0.25% trypsin (D-hanks solution preparation). 2 The White Tiger Herd pills therapeutic effect on AA rats the white tiger Zhuifeng pill, the low-dose group rats weight gain and increase the amount significantly higher than the normal group, the high dose group and Tripterygium glycosides significantly lower weight gain in the normal group, the increase in dose-related manner this side of the body weight of rats was two-way adjustment. White Tiger Herd pills each dose group, especially on the the AA rats proinflammatory side of toe swelling secondary swelling showed good inhibition, but more with Tripterygium II was no significant difference. Improved glass container measuring method to measure the results of a positive correlation with the the toe thickness Act toe swelling rate. Ankle pathology, the white tiger Herd pills high, middle and low dose group can be found in varying degrees to reduce synovial edema and inflammatory cells dip h)] is the most obvious, especially in the high-dose group. The II group tripterygium can also reduce synovial inflammatory cell infiltration, synovial vasodilation is more obvious. 3, the impact of the the white tiger Herd pill on primary cultured synovial cells function the white tiger Zhuifeng pills each dose group can reduce the secretion of the AA rat primary synovial cells -! TNF-day level, but also reduce the culture supernatant NO, PGEz level, its role Leigong knee multi-II showed no significant difference. Subject to White Tiger Herd pill to deal with factors AA rats as subjects in primary cultured synovial cells by digestion of the square anti-RA mechanism from the point of view of the cellular pharmacology, experimental results revealed The mechanism of the treatment of RA and to inhibit synovial cells secrete inflammatory cytokines IL-16, TNF-mouth and the release of inflammatory mediators NO PGEz related, and further study is proposed to introduce the idea of ??the experimental method of serum pharmacology.

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