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The regulation of PD on the activities of PKC in VSMC and Cardiomyocytes under the stimulation of hypoxia、burn serum and LPS

Author WangYueGang
Tutor ChenSuYun;JinChunHua
School First Military Medical University
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Polydatin Protein kinase C Lipopolysaccharide Burn Ischemia Hypoxia Artery Smooth muscle cells Myocardial cells
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Polydatin (Polydatin, PD) is the main ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine Polygonum cuspidatum, have a significant effect in the treatment of hemorrhagic, burns and septic shock. In vivo animal experiments show that the the increased PD shock animals can shrink the arterioles and venules caliber of increased pulse pressure, improve microcirculation perfusion and increase myocardial contractility effect. The study showed that PD has an important role in the regulation of the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle cells and cardiomyocytes remains unclear, but its detailed mechanism for the regulation of the cardiovascular system. Protein kinase C (protein kinase C, PKC) plays an important role in the contractile response of cardiac and smooth muscle cells, and to maintain tension vitro cultured vascular smooth muscle cells and cardiac myocytes in vitro simulation of three shock conditions , that cause ischemia and hypoxia environment or burn serum, lipopolysaccharide (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) stimulation factors treated cells, the observed changes in the cells under the stimulation of protein kinase C activity and PD processing of PKC activity, and to explore the PD anti-shock effect and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular vasomotor regulation. Experiment cellulose chromatography purified PKC, were detected in rat aortic smooth muscle cells and myocardial cytoplasmic and membrane PKC activity using isotope labeling method. The results show that: ischemia and hypoxia or LPS stimulation cytoplasm of smooth muscle cells, PKC activity can be increased by the PD role elevated activity burn serum decreased activity of the smooth muscle cell cytoplasm PD effect can make it elevated; different membrane result of ischemia and hypoxia its activity decreased, and the the PD role of its activity after rise, LPS and burns serum increased its activity, its activity decreased after PD role. Cytoplasm of myocardial cells in three kinds of damage to the stimulation of PKC activity decreased its activity increased after PD role; myocardial cell membrane after stimulation by LPS and burn serum, increased PKC activity by the PD role The decline in the activity of PKC activity decreased by ischemia and hypoxia stimulate its activity increased after PD role. The given PD treatment, the cytoplasm and cell membrane of normal smooth muscle activity increased, decreased activity of the normal myocardium cytoplasmic membrane activity rose. The following conclusions can be drawn based on the results of the study: ischemia and hypoxia and burn serum and LPS stimulation of smooth muscle cells and myocardial cells can cause obvious change in the membrane and cytoplasm of PKC activity, while PD aforementioned changes of PKC from clear regulatory role. Dual Modulation characteristics: PD myocardial cells and smooth muscle cells of PKC activity, PD it to reduce the damaging effects enhanced PKC activity; damage stimulus to reduce the activity of PKC, PD PKC activity is enhanced, so PKC activity remained relatively stable, and will not cause significant harm. Specific aspects of PD affect PKC activity needs further study.

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