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A Study on Leadership Ability

Author GaoDongDong
Tutor ZhaoGuoXiang
School Henan University
Course Basic Psychology
Keywords Leadership Party and government cadres Level cadres Communication skills α coefficient Self-discipline Selection of cadres Subscale Validity test Integrated decision-making
CLC B848.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Leadership has been a leader in psychology and leadership studies focus and hot spots. Unfortunately, the vast majority of previous studies is a text description of leadership, very little empirical research. In these empirical studies but mainly for corporate leadership cadres research on the leadership of the party and government cadres, almost none. This paper intends to level cadres of party and government leadership research. In this paper, the leadership ability of domestic and foreign literature analysis, based on the use of open-ended questionnaires and personal interviews compiled into a combination of methods and government cadres leadership questionnaire, through forecasting and formal test, to retain the 42 projects factors again analysis, based on the eigenvalues ??and scree plot shows the results that the leadership of the party and government cadres, communication skills, creativity, organization and coordination, the ability to use them before the election, integrated decision-making skills, adaptability, self-discipline and other seven dimensions form . Questionnaire α coefficient was 0.9593, each dimension α coefficients between 0.70 ─ ─ 0.87. Validity test, the seven dimensions of the total variance explained by the variance of 60.959%, ??the study design seven validity index associated with each dimension also reached significant levels. On this basis the author proposes leadership tree model, the model for the ability to generate a rectangular bottom of the soil, the Representative of genetic factors, environmental factors represents a wide, high-dynamic factors on behalf of individuals. Central cylinder represents the trunk, that some of the basic human capabilities. The top of the branches and leaves represents leadership. The model is a more detailed description of the leadership of the generation, development and application. To the leadership of party and government cadres measure, I prepared a questionnaire of party and government cadres leadership. After a predictable and formal test, to retain the 44 projects for final factor analysis, based on the eigenvalues ??and scree plot shows a result, the scale is divided into comprehensive decision-making ability, the ability to use them before the election, communication skills, adaptability, organization and coordination ability, innovation ability, self-discipline seven subscales, with the leadership of the previously selected dimensions correspond. Total scale α coefficient was 0.8723, each subscale α coefficients between 0.57 ─ ─ 0.86. Validity test, the seven subscales explain the variance of 54.783% of the total variance, the study design seven validity index associated with each subscale also reached significant levels. Results of this study showed that: (1) women in leadership ability level cadres are the same, and even some women cadres in leadership (eg communication skills) than on men. (2) level cadres of leadership was stronger than the section-level cadres. (3) selection of cadres, to courageously appointment of young cadres, most of them with strong leadership skills. (4) the selection of cadres, we should take into account the degree of factors, try to select more than one undergraduate degree leading cadres. (5) Leading cadres at a post office for life should not be too long. (6) the selection of cadres, it is best to participate in working life as a consideration.

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