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From "Genghna" To "Shaoshu"——Song Zhezong Dynasty’s Time And Politics

Author ZhangJin
Tutor ZhangQiFan
School Jinan University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Song Zhezong Dynasty Politics Time "Genghua" "Shaoshu" Xifeng Reformation Campaign
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Song Zhezong Dynasty (A.D. 1085?100), followed the Xifeng reformation campaign in Song Shenzong Dynasty. Around the fundamental problem what is to inherit or to deny the Xifeng reformation campaign, there ’ s drastic political struggle in the empire government. "Yuanyou Genghua"梩he front half of Song Zhezong Dynasty, denied Xifeng reformation campaign completely. The "Shaoshu" in the period of "Shaosheng", "Yuanfu" which was the back half of Song Zhezong Dynasty, raised the flag of reformation campaign again.There were various views to these two political campaigns, and formed two opposite opinions at last. This made the Song Zhezong Dynasty ’ s "personality" in history seemed to drift from place to place. This essay try to put newly all the Song Zhezong Dynasty in the period background which behind the Xifeng reformation of Song Shenzong Dynasty, and to study it. Trying to make "Genghua" consolidate with "Shaoshu" and put them in the same period background, then according to it analyze the specific rights and wrongs of these political campaigns in history, hope to stress the "personality" of Song Zhezong Dynasty more objectively and comprehensively.

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