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Apigenin solid lipid nanoparticles

Author LiuRen
Tutor ChenDaWei
School Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
Course Pharmacy
Keywords Apigenin Solid lipid nanoparticles Hot melt ultrasound method Freeze-drying Pharmacokinetic Bioavailability
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The apigenin ( apigenin , AP ) is a flavonoid compound widely present in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables . Studies have found that it has a variety of pharmacological effects of anti-cancer , anti-inflammatory , anti-viral , anti- oxidation , is a promising active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine . Apigenin insoluble in water, poor oral absorption , low bioavailability , in order to effectively improve its bioavailability , improve oral absorption , paper, solid lipid nanoparticle delivery system as the carrier , apigenin prepared The nanoparticle suspension was then orally to ultimately improve its oral absorption , bioavailability . Preformulation studies to establish the HPLC determination of the content of apigenin , a preliminary examination of the basic physical and chemical properties of the model drug . Before prescription hot melt ultrasound Preparation of apigenin solid lipid nanoparticles , particle size, encapsulation efficiency and stability as an indicator single factor and orthogonal test formulation was optimized based on the study . The preparation properties were obtained apigenin solid lipid nanoparticles , the surface morphology of nanoparticles by transmission electron microscopy revealed that the nanoparticles of spherical particles ; average particle size of 135 nm ; zeta potential of -18.90 mV ; determination of drug in vitro in both release media release, the results of the first order release equation . For the stability of solid lipid nanoparticles nanoparticles freeze-dried freeze-drying technology to study the physical and chemical properties of the freeze-dried product . The the apigenin concentration of analysis in rat plasma by high performance liquid chromatography . Homemade apigenin suspension for the control group , investigated the pharmacokinetics of oral administration of apigenin solid lipid nanoparticles . Oral medication pharmacokinetic results showed that the apigenin group of solid lipid nanoparticles AUC of 0 - t < / sub > for 17.337μg h / mL in the control group of of 5.3μg h / mL . Nanoparticles group Cmax 3.07μg/mL significantly higher than 1.544μg/mL . The nanoparticles group elimination rate constant Ke lower than the control group , 0.232 h -1 , . Apigenin solid lipid nanoparticles relative bioavailability of 327 % .

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