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The Correlation between COX-2 and Ang-2 Expression in Human Gratric Cancer and Its Role in Lymphangiogenesis

Author FengShanLong
Tutor WangQingBao
School Taishan Medical College
Course Surgery
Keywords Gastric cancer Lymphatic microvessel density Lymph node metastasis Angiopoietin-2 Cyclooxygenase-2
CLC R735.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Background Metastasis is a characteristic of malignant tumor patients with life-threatening primary malignant behavior. The tumor cells can be by direct invasion of the surrounding tissue, the vessel transfer and lymphatic metastasis of a variety of ways such as in vivo disseminated. Tumor angiogenesis, the growth of solid tumors and vascular spread through a large number of studies have been more clear, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis has become a new way for clinical treatment of cancer. Lagging behind due to the lack of specific markers of lymphatic malignant lymphatic metastasis. With lymphatic specific marker D2-40, VEGFR-C, Podoplanin been discovered, and laid the foundation for the study of the mechanism of tumor lymphatic metastasis. Recognize that in recent years, lymphatic generate (lymphangiogenesis) plays a key role in tumor lymphatic metastasis. Basic research found that COX-2, Ang-2 as an important biochemical regulatory factors, not only to promote tumor angiogenesis, and is also involved in the malignant lymphatic freshmen, thus facilitating tumor metastasis. Both gastric cancer lymphangiogenesis related not been reported in the literature. The gastric lymphangiogenesis whether beneficial gastric cancer lymph node metastasis, COX-2, Ang-2 play a role whether in the the gastric lymphatic generation mechanism still needs further research. The purpose of this paper, the expression of COX-2 in gastric tissue of gastric carcinomas and distal cancerous area with of Ang-2mRNA the lymphatic vessel density determination and adjacent tissue in gastric cancer. Explore the COX-2, Ang-2 expression in gastric cancer, as well as both gastric lymphangiogenesis relationship. Analysis of COX-2, Ang-2 may be in the process of lymphatic metastasis of gastric cancer mechanisms. Provide new ideas for clinical diagnosis and treatment of gastric. Materials and methods of collection of Taishan Medical College Hospital General Surgery, line gastrectomy resection specimens of 48 cases in July 2007 - July 2009, using RT-PCR detection of gastric cancer tissues, the far cancer District gastric tissue COX-2, Ang-2mRNA expression of lymphatic-specific marker D2-40 gastric cancer peritumoral lymphatic staining and counting lymphatic microvessel density (MLVD in); using immunohistochemical SP method. SPSS17.0 software analysis and clinical pathological significance between them. 1) gastric cancer tissues of COX-2mRNA in the positive rate was 81.25%, significantly higher than the the far cancer District gastric tissue expression of COX-2mRNA, COX-2mRNA expression level of lymph node metastasis and clinical pathological stage (P lt; 0.05) . 2) in gastric carcinoma of Ang-2mRNA-positive rate of 65%, higher than the the far cancer District gastric tissue expression of Ang-2mRNA, Ang-2mRNA expression level of lymph node metastases and clinical pathologic stage about (P lt; 0.05). 3) gastric carcinoma, the expression of of COX-2mRNA in and Ang-2mRNA expression was significantly correlated (r = 0.736). 4) slightly increased lymphatic vessel density (MLVD) with lymph node metastasis, clinical stage, expression of COX-2 and Ang-2 was significantly associated. Conclusion 1) of COX-2 mRNA in gastric cancer tissues and high expression of Ang-2 mRNA, suggesting that both play an important role in gastric carcinogenesis, progression and metastasis. 2) gastric lymphatic microvessel density (MLVD) increased with lymph node metastasis the clinicopathological staging significantly correlated, suggesting that gastric cancer lymphangiogenesis may be associated with tumor lymphatic metastasis. 3) the expression of COX-2 of expression and of Ang-2 expression was related, and both high expression and gastric lymphatic density, lymph node metastasis was positively correlated of COX-2 may be through the influence of Ang-2 expression, thus promoting the gastric lymphatic tube Build and lymph node metastasis.

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