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The Research and Analysis of Girls’ School Education in the Modern Times of China

Author ZhangGuoYan
Tutor ZhangRuZhen
School Northwest Normal University
Course History of Education
Keywords Modem Times Girls’s School Education Development
CLC G776
Type Master's thesis
Year 2001
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Girls?school education (GSE) came into being in modern east and west. Girls?school education developed rapidly and achieved striking success in the whole centuiy. The problems in GSE were the weak tache of education. The whole qualifications of women were awaiting improvement. The research on GSE of modern China and the summary of its experience and lesson will help develop GSE in China. The appearance of modern GSE had its own socio-political, economic, ideological and cultural background. Facing the national crisis in the late Qing Dynasty, people attached more importance to women issues. From the viewpoint of saving the nation from extinction and women liberation, GSE were paid more attention as the key point to solving women issues. Meanwhile the popularization of education developed rapidly throughout the world. The initiation and the attenuation of GSE have been the call of times, because the goal and pattern of traditional education were not adapted to the social development. Under this historical situation, in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Chinese people began to set up girls school by themselves and the climax of GSE appeared. With the legal place of GSE抯 recognized in educational system, the establishment of the system from elementary education to higher education promoted the development of GSE. So it raised the educational level of girls, increased the social influence, updated the custom, supplied many persons with ability and obtained some achievement. But the whole development draggled, and the development between east and west was not balanced. Girls?vocational education was centered on housekeeping and sewing. Feudal force, lag of economy and the trouble social condition had bad influence on the scale and speed of GSE. Due to the lack of outlay, the conditions of running the schools were bad, and this affected the educational quality of GSE. In the aspect of educational management, the integration of tradition and modern way formed the character of Chinese modern GSE. The dispute of GSE thought focused on the educational tenet of GSE. Chinese traditional virtuous wife and good mother had much influence on the whole modem times, which had its historical lag and rationality. Facing the iii national crisis, Chinese people tried all the ways to save the nation. GSE strengthening the nation emerged as the time required, but it could not be charged with the national tasks. In the new cultural movement, the pursuit of women抯 right of access to education which was viewed as the primary qualifications of achieving women抯 independent personalities was the main feature of GSE thought in 搕he May Fourth?period. After the active striving, the higher schools began to receive girls, and co-education in middle schools was realized. There was a long way to go for the real equality between women and men. The present research tries to clear up the development of GSE, analyzes and discusses the initiation, development and thought of GSE. In sum, this research puts forward the writer抯 viewpoints of the development of GSE in the new century for GSE to use for reference.

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