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Magnetic positioning system based on medical ultrasound system and display the three-dimensional image reconstruction methods of

Author LaiDaJin
Tutor YuLun
School Fuzhou University
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Echocardiography Magnetic positioning system Contour Three-dimensional reconstruction Topology OpenGL Three-dimensional display
CLC TP391.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Left ventricular volume, mass, and accurate quantitative analysis of ejection function in cardiac diagnosis and monitoring of disease development has an important significance. The traditional two-dimensional echocardiography can only observe a partial left ventricle and left ventricle shape you want to make geometric assumptions, which is not normal measurement of the heart may cause large errors. Three-dimensional echocardiography can get more than two-dimensional echocardiography diagnostic information; allow observation of the left ventricle from any angle three-dimensional shape; in determining left ventricular volume, mass and ejection function, right ventricular geometric shapes make assumptions The measurement results are more accurate and reproducible. The current three-dimensional echocardiography because there are some design reasons, not widely used in clinical practice. Magnetic positioning system based on three-dimensional echocardiography data acquisition system can achieve the desired three-dimensional reconstruction of the real-time acquisition-dimensional ultrasound image data and position data. This method can be carried out from any position and angle scan, whereby not only can minimize the impact of the ribs and sternum best scanning window, and can be synthesized data from a plurality of acoustic windows. However, this irregular scanning increases the difficulty of developing three-dimensional reconstruction algorithm. This paper focuses on the magnetic positioning system based on three-dimensional echocardiography system of three-dimensional reconstruction, we propose a novel three-dimensional reconstruction algorithms. This algorithm is no need to use a known topology model to fit the data. In order to solve non-parallel contour reconstruction problem, we use the three-dimensional surface projection method topology problems into two-dimensional surface topology issues; flat contour point in order to determine the correspondence between the proposed guidelines based on minimum offset contour stitching and use of algorithms and minimum cross-section contour stitching guidelines to determine the starting point and the best acceptable surface to determine three-dimensional surface topology. In the three-dimensional display, the paper proposes the VC and OpenGL binding on microcomputers achieve high-quality real-time 3D display. This realization has good dimensional display program functions and provide a variety of interactive input and output data format to facilitate extraction and diagnostic information. With the real data and simulation of human organs silhouette outline data validate the algorithm. The results show that the algorithm is fast reconstruction, and so generate a reasonable surface. This design three-dimensional reconstruction algorithm and three-dimensional display program is based on the magnetic positioning system three-dimensional echocardiography system implementation lay a certain foundation.

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