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Expression and Functional Analysis of Tumorigenesis ASB11-1 and Cardiogenesis XIRP1

Author HuJunJian
Tutor WuXiuShan;LiYongQing
School Hunan Normal University
Course Genetics
Keywords ASB11-1 p53 p21 Nkx2.5 MEF2C Hand2 Tumor Promoter
CLC R730.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The tumor seriously endangering the health of the human body , so the research of tumor-associated genes and their molecular mechanism for tumor treatment is essential . Have been found in the tumor study , the expression of certain genes in space and time disorder can lead to tumorigenesis . Identification of tumor -related genes and molecular pathways will lead to people from the molecular level understanding of the mechanism of tumorigenesis . ASB11-1 of this article cloned gene belongs to a the ASB gene family of new members of its encoded protein contains two domains , called ankyrin repeat six ankyrin repeat sequences in the N-terminal , in its C-terminal is called SOCS cell signal factor repression domain . This gene is located on chromosome Xp22.31 composed of 7 exons . RT-PCR detection of cancer cell lines and normal tissues of the gene expression differences , found that the gene expression was significantly increased , suggesting that the gene may be associated with cancer . The Northern blot display ASB11 contains transcripts of 2.9kb and 5.0kb two and two transcripts in the myocardium and skeletal muscle -specific expression . Subcellular localization ASB11-1 gene expression in the cytoplasm and the nucleus . Through analysis and detection of mRNA, protein expression levels of p53, p21 signaling pathways , it is found that the gene significantly increased the level of expression of p53, p21 . Have been reported in the literature XIRP1 gene is the human heart , and skeletal muscle - specific expression of the gene , the chicken homolog involved in the BMP-Nkx2.5-MEF2C pathways and regulate the formation of the myocardium , its homologous gene knock Nkx2.5, MEF2C 2.1kb region segmented into mice expressed significantly reduced , indicating that XIRP1 gene is Nkx2.5, MEF2C a target gene , in order to further clarify its adjustment mechanism , I 2100bp region XIRP1 upstream of the gene was cloned by 1.9kb, 1.2kb, 1.0kb, 0.8kb, 0.6kb, 0.3kb, 0.2kb , respectively, was cloned into the pGL3-basic vector for luciferase activity detection to determine the upstream of the transcription initiation point of -127 - 77 50bp region strongest activity of the core region of the promoter , and found that its activity significantly decreased on the core region of Nkx2.5, MEF2C, Hand2 locus mutations , thus confirming of Nkx2.5 , MEF2C hand2 In the authenticity of the point , and Description Nxk2.5, MEF2C, Hand2 may be by adjusting the promoter region adjust XIRP1 gene expression , and found that the gene is also Hand2 XIRP1 target gene for the first time .

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