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Clinical Study on Jian Spleen to Keep Lung Particle to Cured Lung Spleen Deficiency of Recurrent Respiratry Tract Infection

Author ZhaoHaiYan
Tutor ZhangWei
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM pediatric
Keywords Recurrent respiratory tract infections Spleen Yangfeihuoxue particles Efficacy of Acidophil method Serum IgA, IgG
CLC R272
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: by observing the spleen Yangfeihuoxue particle ( tutor experience side ) treatment efficacy of lung and spleen deficiency type in children with recurrent respiratory tract infections , to further explore Chinese medicine treatment of recurrent respiratory tract infections exact effect to exploring a prevention and treatment RRTI , effective , and thus improve the quality of life of the children . Methods: 60 cases of lung and spleen deficiency type recurrent respiratory tract infection ( remission) were randomly divided into two groups, the test group , 30 patients in the control group of 30 patients . Test group using oral spleen Yangfeihuoxue particles , the control group , oral Yupingfeng particles , both groups 2 weeks as a course of treatment for two courses of treatment . If the two groups of children in the course of the acute infection suspend medication , according to the conventional phlegm , cough , asthma, anti-infective symptomatic and supportive treatment . To be respiratory tract infection symptom control , and then continue to take it. After the end of treatment , follow-up of 1 year. Were observed in children before treatment , after treatment , clinical symptoms , frequency of onset , duration of disease , the level of disease and IgA , IgG , changes in blood HGB . Results : The experimental group in improving clinical symptoms, reduce the number of incidence and shorten the course , reduce the level of disease than the control group ; before treatment after treatment serum IgA , IgG and blood HGB improve the experimental group was significantly superior significantly better in the control group ( p lt ; 0.05 ) ; comparison of the total effect , the test group total effective rate was 93.33% , 73.33% of the total efficiency of the control group , comparison p lt ; 0.05 , statistically significant , indicating that the efficacy of the test group in the control group . Conclusion: spleen Yangfeihuoxue particles in reduce RRTI children with respiratory tract infection frequency , shorten the course , reduce the level of disease , improve the clinical symptoms , improve the immune system in children , significantly enhance the efficacy of children with physical and other aspects .

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