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Clinical and Experimental Study of Anti-Inflammatary and Itchting of Shuang-Fu-Jin in Treating Acute Eczama

Author BaiYanPing
Tutor ZuoXing
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Surgery of Chinese Medicine
Keywords eczema SHUANGFUJIN study treatment traditional Chinese medicine
CLC R275.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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In this article.two parts are included. One is the literature review ,and the other is study report.The literature review consists of two parts. The first is about the research progress of eczema in modern medicine, and the results of recent research are introduced. Because of the eczema is one kind of complicated and common skin disease.many researches including epidemic.pathogenic.mechanism and treatment have been done.the different and related results are founded The second is about the general situation of eczema research in traditional Chinese medicine. The historical names of the eczema.recongnition of the illness,internal and topical treatment, and research progress are also mentioned.We summarize this and indicate our own opinions in the treatment and study of the eczema.and provide the basic gist for researching this disease ulteriorly.Study report is divided into two parts.one is the clinical research, and the other is the experimental one.The aim of clinical research is to try to make a new preparation form Chinese medicine SHUANGFUJIN using traditional formular that the validity has already been confirmed for many years, and to observe the effect of the new form in treating acute eczema.supply one kind of new form that has good astringent and antipruritus and safe and convenient to use as well as to improve the effect and simplify the process of wet dressing.We divided 120 patients with acute eczema into four groups, i.e., SHUANGFUJIN,saline(NS),boric acid and PIFUKANG group.The results demonstrate that there have no significant differences between the groups after 1day using the medcince.but show remarkable differences after 4 days using in terms of improvement of symptoms and antipruritus.SHUANGFUJIN group got lower score than the other 3 groups.there is no remarkable difference between boric acid and PIFUKANG group, boric acid and PIFUKANG group show lower score than the NS group.The total effective rate of SHUANGFUJIN is 46.4% and curative rate is 14.3%. SHUANGFUJIN shows simlar effects with PIFUKANG and demonstrates better results than the other two groups.the NS group is the lowest.SHUANGFUJIN shows simlar antipruritus effect with boric acid than the other two groups.To analyze the mechanism of SHUANGFUJIN in treating acute eczema.in the experimental research, we carry out comparative study on this four groups including the influence on the vascular pemneability.and anti-inflammatory,antipruritic,antibacteric functions. We find that, in terms of lowering vascular permeability, SHUANGFUJIN and PIFUKANG have the similar functions.which are both stronger than that of boric acid group, and the NS is the weakest. In terms of anti-inflammatory function, SHAUNGFUJIN is the strongest,PIFUKANG is better than boric acid group, and NS is theweakest. In terms of antipruritus, SHUANGFUJIN and PIFUKANG are better than the other two.and SHUANGFUJIN is better than PIFUKANG.boric acid is better than NS group The order of antibacterial intensity in the this four groups is as follows: SHUANGFUJIN.PIFUKANG.borid acid, and NS group.Finally we conclude that the Chinese medicine SHUANGFUJIN is one kind of new topical form of prepared medicine, and has good effect but no side effect, and indicate the SHUANGFUJIN group has significant effect in reducing the vascular permeability.and has antiinflammatory.antipruritus and antibacterial founctions.

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