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On Narrative Techniques in to the Lighthouse

Author ChenJian
Tutor WangXiaoYing
School Nanjing Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Subjectivity Narrative perspective Free Indirect Discourse To the Lighthouse
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Early twentieth century, a turbulent British society in the political, economic, cultural, ideological and other aspects into a deep crisis. People's way of thinking as well as all aspects of social life have experienced tremendous changes. Literature, the rapid rise of modernism, the formation of a wave of anti-realist literature. Virginia Woolf's novel is a pioneer of modernism represented her both in theory and practice for the development of modernist fiction made an outstanding contribution. Woolf advocated subjective truth theory. In the novels, she abandoned the 19th century realist novel routine, no longer focusing depict the reality of the external world, and turn on the person's subjective spiritual world to explore. \\Woolf greatly reduce the proportion of omniscient narrative type narrator, extensive use of limited omniscient perspective, from the perspective of people's subjective narrative. Woolf novel to provide readers with a clear vision, so readers work, with the character of consciousness flows directly feel the character's emotions and thoughts subjective experience. In order to expand the scope of the narrative, the narrative perspective Woolf constantly changing, so different perspectives complement each other, the awareness of re-integration of different characters, revealing a panoramic effect. In order to avoid frequent conversion perspective may cause confusion, Woolf provide readers with a range of information, such as the use of parentheses or repeated use of words, in order to remind the reader of consciousness conversion between different characters. Woolf also uses free indirect discourse to reflect the narrative subjectivity. Free indirect discourse in the narrative on the person and tense narrative description consistent with, even if the characters and narrative description of consciousness are intertwined, but also retains the character of the language component of consciousness. Meanwhile, a large number of free rooms without chapeau on Narrative Teehn! Ques in connected discourse is the use of the Lighthouse, the novel's narrative smoother and stretch. Through the \true. Although literary modernism occupy the dominant trend of early historical period has ended, but the writing style modernism long-term impact on literature. Woolf distinctive art of the novel for the study of modernist fiction, or the modernist literary fiction writing skills to the creation of far-reaching significance.

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