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On Charlotte Bronte 's feminist consciousness

Author HuaiBaoZhen
Tutor YuDongYun
School Shandong Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Home angel Attic Madness Female voice
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Charlotte Bronte is a British Victorian era a great writer. In 1847, she was the pen name Currer Bell published his masterpiece, \Charlotte gave his life to create a \distinctive, with a strong sense of self, and the social misfits popular angels, reflecting strong female writers I sense. Because of his work has the permanent charm, has set off a wave of a Unit of Bronte. Charlotte is a unique woman. Year-round living in the remote wilderness, her vision is not as broad as Mrs. Gaskell; miserable life has made her all day long and lonely, suffering companions, so she focuses only on personal survival, she's female consciousness her own life as a sort of understanding. This paper tries to combine the historical background and then Charlotte's inner world, revealing the reasons for the formation of feminist consciousness Charlotte, reproduce their female consciousness formation, development process, and then reveal its profound feminist consciousness, richness, in order to achieve their works and female consciousness deeper understanding and more accurate grasp. The first part of Charlotte women from three aspects reveal the formation of consciousness reasons: First, analyze writer's family background, indicating its unique character formation of female consciousness impact. Secondly, the analysis of the Victorian era \view of religion, and thus illustrate the highly personalized view of religion greatly influenced the formation of their female consciousness. The second part of the article the author's personal experiences through their work combines her way to reproduce the formation of female consciousness. The section along Charlotte's life trajectory, from the five aspects of tap its female consciousness. First, the principle of Charlotte Bronte's life. Charlotte tutor combined with work experience, analysis of \Secondly, the reality of living dilemma, helpless crazy choice. Combined with Charlotte created \Once again, the troubled spirit, rational choice to choose from madness. Charlotte's understanding of marriage combined to analyze the strong personality of Jane Eyre, Charlotte reveals personality and spirit of equality feminist consciousness. Fourth, the unfortunate life experiences, tirelessly seeking women a way out. Charlotte lost siblings after combining lonely, miserable life, analyze \female consciousness, and thus illustrate the depth of its female consciousness. Finally, the brief moments of happiness, feminine ideal destination. Charlotte Nichols combined with a happy life, analyzing her last work, \The third part combined with the creation of works of Charlotte female voice, to show Charlotte from initial acceptance, the amendment to the traditional patriarchal discourse rid of this traditional detention, freedom of speech creative process, and thus explain the female awareness of the richness. Charlotte at the beginning of creation, on the one hand to accept the traditional patriarchal discourse, while constantly modify this tradition, so her first three works, and some borrowed male narrator to tell the story of a woman, and some double narrative strategies sent a women's dual sound, as well as borrowing in the form of polyphonic novel issue in the plight of women seeking to develop voice. Later, Charlotte aware of the dangers of this tradition, completely abandoned it. So she created \Charlotte Bronte's life is short, her contribution to the literary world is enormous, and the impact on future generations is profound. She works embodied the strong feminist consciousness, will cause more critics and scholars of deep concern.

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