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Research and Application on Ventilation Disasters’ Early-Warning and Pre-Control Technology in Coal Mine

Author XuZhen
Tutor CaoQingGui
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Geology hazard Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Safety assessment Grey Theory Loss forecast Management system
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At present, coal mine disaster warning technology is an important research field at home and abroad. This dissertation adopted one of its aspect, namely coal mine disaster early-warning and pre-control technology, for in-depth study, in order to put forward the general warning methods for coal mine ventilation and prevention accidents, establish reliable counter measures library, and development early-warning and pre-control management system, so as to we are able to provide reasonable technical measures and management methods for ventilation and prevention accidents at coal mines.By and large, the research contents and methods of this dissertation are as follows: conduct major hazard identification and find out dangerous locations through the analysis of the past accident cases at coal mine and based on the principle and method of major disaster hazard identification; proceed special assessment for ventilation and prevention at coal mine and draw hazard assessment level, based on system engineering theory, and from three aspects, namely, gas and coal dust explosion accident hazard, fire accident hazard and ventilation system hazard; study coal mine disaster early-warning technology, including designing warning standards, establishing pre-warning index, determination of warning methods and formulation of warning signals; study coal mine disaster pro-control technology, establishing early-warning counter measure database and pre-control measure database at coal for gas and coal dust explosion accidents, fire accidents and ventilation prevention accidents respectively; develop early-warning and pre-control management system with B/S(Browser/Server) mode as its core function. That is to say, huge amounts of data are saved in the server’s database, which is linked with web server. Web serve processes the data saved in the server’s database, and users access these data through www browser.Using the above principle and method, this dissertation found the common and respective characteristics of gas explosion accidents, coal dust explosion accidents and fire accidents; compiled forms for gas and coal dust explosion accident, fire accidents and ventilation system accident respectively, and according to these forms calculated relevant hazard levels, and pointed out the method to classify the hazards; put forward static early-warning principles and dynamic early-warning principles, and built a dynamic early-warning model; formulated gas and coal dust explosion accident pre-control countermeasures library and fire accident counter measures library respectively; developed early-warning and pre-control management system for coal mines.The research topic and its results of this dissertation have realistic significance as well as theoretical significance. On the one hand, it enriched the prevention and control theory of coal mines, providing references for research work at coal mines; On the other hand, it posed realistic measures for coal mine for on both the reasonable technical countermeasures and the management measures, which made certain contribution for coal mine safety management.

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