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Study on Psychological Contract Fulfillment、Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Task Performance of Medical Staff

Author ZhouYingHua
Tutor WuJunLin
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords Health care workers Psychological contract Organizational citizenship behavior Task Performance
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The aim of the present study was to check the psychological contract, organizational citizenship behavior and task performance on the basis of the theoretical literature, reference mature Questionnaire, medical staff in clinical departments of the three hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei Province as a sample, to investigate the psychological contract to meet organizational citizenship behavior and task performance of the status quo, to understand the medical staff psychological contract satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and task performance characteristics and influencing factors, and explore the ways of psychological contract satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior task performance. On this basis, based on the psychological contract and organizational citizenship behavior theory, put forward specific recommendations for improving the task performance of health care workers. The method uses a literature search method, field survey. Survey of this study were randomly selected three tertiary hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei Province as a sampling frame, randomly selected clinical departments, medical staff in the sampling frame, the psychological contract meet organizational citizenship behavior and task performance. Establish a database use Epidata3.0 input data using SPSS12.0 statistical package, using the descriptive analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, t test, analysis of variance, correlation analysis, regression analysis and other methods, and use LISREL8.51 factor analysis. Results 1. Medical staff psychological contract meet Interpersonal responsibility dimension at a better level of responsibility for development dimensions and specifications responsibility dimension level is relatively low, there is still much room for improvement; medical staff organizational citizenship behavior of the overall situation in the upper level, which proactive dimension the highest; medical staff task performance overall in good condition. Sex, occupation, title, marital status, age and employment system to some dimensions of the medical staff psychological contract meet and organizational citizenship behavior significantly. Psychological contract satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior did not differ significantly in terms of health care workers in different education level and work experience. 3. Interpersonal responsibility dimension explained the positive initiative Dimensions 23.8% of the variation of the amount and express opinions Dimensions 28.3% of the variation amount; organizational citizenship behavior of each dimension to explain the task performance of 31.5% of the variation amount; interpersonal responsibility dimension to explain the task performance of 5.5% of variance. Were introduced to a positive initiative and express their views on the variable, the psychological contract interpersonal dimensions of task performance regression coefficients are significant to not significant, indicating active and expression dimension played entirely in the interpersonal dimensions of task performance intermediary role. Discuss. Medical staff as knowledge workers, not only for the working conditions and material benefits have certain requirements, but more importantly, they are eager to get the career development and success require hospitals to perform more of the responsibility for development and normative responsibilities. The status quo of traditional Chinese cultural context, and health care workers occupational characteristics and their organizational citizenship behavior consistent. The impact of gender and work experience psychological contract to meet the medical staff, organizational citizenship behavior and task performance with the existing research results, needs further exploration. 3. Hospital for interpersonal responsibilities to fulfill not only able to establish a positive emotional connection between the medical staff and the hospital, but also contribute to the high quality and high efficiency of the health care work. 4. Organizational citizenship behavior emphasized consciousness and spontaneity of the medical staff, embodies the spirit of \5 health care workers for the satisfaction of the psychological contract is the main reason for its exhibit organizational citizenship behavior is an important basis for its exhibit high levels of task performance. Between organizational citizenship behavior in psychological contract met interpersonal responsibility dimension and task performance fully mediated become the organization to fulfill their own responsibilities and organizational level of overall performance between core adjustment factor. Countermeasures and suggestions based on the theory of psychological contract, the hospital should be reasonable to enter into the psychological contract, the contract more objective; great importance to the medical staff and good communication, the implementation of the dynamic adjustment of the psychological contract; concerned about the content of the psychological contract of special cultural context, namely interpersonal fulfillment of responsibility; face up to the medical staff psychological contract rupture and to take positive measures to reduce losses; staff to implement a comprehensive contract management, the psychological contract and the labor contract, combination. Theory based on organizational citizenship behavior, the hospital should be humanized management and institutionalized management combined, in the strict implementation of the various rules and regulations, but also allows the health care was to be recognized, to be understanding, trust and respect; addition to health care workers duties that must be completed, which are conducive to the organization to achieve the target, but did not formally incorporated into the contract of organizational citizenship behavior should also be taken into account to establish a long-term culture of the hospital and its development of a fair amount of remuneration;, so that health care workers from the values level identity organizational citizenship behavior; hospital at the same time focus on the medical staff of professional skills training, should strengthen its organizational citizenship behavior; enable healthcare providers to participate fully in the hospital management to motivate them to take the initiative to take on responsibilities outside of work.

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