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Research and Application of Monitoring Equipment Based on the Ae Principle Rock Burst

Author LiuZhiGang
Tutor ZouDeYun
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Mining engineering
Keywords AE monitoring techniques rock bust monitoring equipment signal processing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Basis on existing rock burst monitoring technology, especially AE monitoring technology, this paper researched and development new rock bust monitoring equipment by theoretical analysis and numerical simulation and examined equipment performance through field testing procedure as well.Compared with other rock bust monitoring technology, this paper systematically stated the working principle of AE monitoring technology applying to rock bust prediction. Mainly through theory analysis and numerical simulation, this paper studied signal propagation rules inner coal and rock whose tri-annular model built is the main work of the numerical simulation. Monitor loading law sinusoid of the tri-annular center and the tri-annular point of intersection(the sensor), then, analyze the waveform acceleration and the rate laws monitored.This paper introduced the developmental principle of KDZD wait-type rock bust stress wave signal recorder, the way of sensors choice, main technical parameters of instruments and PC software. The instrument, according to coal rock mass structure and its mechanism of fracture, catches the elastic wave released by coal rock mass, especially the small-signal at the earlier stage of coal rock mass destruction. The sensor chosen is resonance high sensitivity one, the signal acquired is magnified by the preamplifier and the AE wave signal is transformed into digital waveform signal by A/D module conversion module which is carried on the reorganization analysis by the subsequent processing circuit and PC software.A length of gate roadway is chosen as experimental roadway of instrument field performance tests. This paper proposed two kinds of monitoring scheme, combining with the purpose and need of this monitoring work, selected the specific AE monitoring method. After that, use numerical simulation to get the loosing zone range of roadway surrounding rock and optimum installation depth and means of the instruments finally. This paper implemented reconfiguration on the data after being reduced noise and collected the parameters to make correlation analysis, then reached that this length of roadway has a certain extent of rock burst hazard that is need to some measures of pressure relief an rock bust preventing and monitoring efforts is strengthened continuously. In general, test integral effect is better and the instruments performance can satisfy the design requirements.

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