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Comparative Research on the Yanbian Area’s Korean and Chinese Juveniles’ Criminal Conditions

Author LiLanYing
Tutor PuTaiZuo;JinZheHua
School Yanbian University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Yanbian Area Juveniles Comparison Criminal.
CLC D917
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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As an anti-social behavior, the crime is a kind of negative phenomenon in the social life, its essence is the comprehensive reflection of various social negative elements. Because the Juveniles’ Crime’s principal parts are at a special growing period, they have great differences from the adults’ crime at the area of criminal psychology, criminal motion and criminal forms. In recent years, our country’s juveniles’ crime increases sharply, this has attracted the attention of the whole society, the schools and the families, the Party and the Government also paid great attention to it, formulated and took a series of effective measurements.Yanbian is a frontier minority residential area, under the surrounding of our country’s reform and opening up policies, Yanbian has experienced the contradictions, impacts like the other areas during their social model transferring periods. The re-organization of the social relations and the change of the social life brought many special advantageous and disadvantageous influences to Yanbian area which is at a special humane and geographic environment.In this article, through the general comparison at the fields of criminal motion, criminal psychology, family background and school education conditions to the 129 Korean and Chinese Juveniles Criminals, the author analysed the present conditions, characteristics, common characters and specific characters of Yanbian area’s Korean and Chinese Juveniles’ Crimes, through the criminal phenomenon, at the view of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, criminology and minority theory etc, the author carried out a shallow analysis, and proposed as follows on how toeffectively prevent the Juveniles’ Crimes, how to prevent and reduce the Juveniles’ Crimes in the largest degree: To carry out the proper ethic and ideological education, law education, humane education, psychological health education; improve the growing environments of the juveniles; To ask the society, the families and the schools to build a common prevention front to avoid crimes, to prevent the juveniles’ crimes together. At the same time, aiming at the status of the Korean children’s criminal rate is higher than Chinese children, to detect out the reasons through the fields of minority culture, minority tradition, minority folk customs backgrounds, the two kinds or multiple cultural environment faced before the Korean juveniles, the author proposed a personal un-mature idea.

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