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Clinical Study on Treation Primary Hypertension with Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction

Author FangYiLan
Tutor ZouBiYun
School Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Essential hypertension Hyperactivity of liver yang Tianmagouteng decoction party Clinical Research
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: through clinical observation to verify Tianmagouteng decoction party antihypertensive efficacy for the treatment of hypertension and its improvement of TCM symptoms . Method : clinical study of 60 patients with 1 or 2 hypertension ( intermediate risk group ) from June 2009 to March 2010 outpatient and hyperactivity of liver yang of patients randomly assigned to the principles assigned to the two groups , that treatment group of 30 patients given Tianmagouteng decoction side ( Gastrodia 10g Uncaria 15g , abalone 20g , Scutellaria 10g, mountain gardenia 10g , Eucommia 10g , the mistletoe 10g , white peony root 20g , Cyathula 1 0g, motherwort 0g , mother-of-pearl 20g, Caulis 1 0g, Salvia 1 0g) treatment ; observed before and after treatment control group of 30 patients , to western medicine nitrendipine tablets in the treatment , and four weeks for a course of treatment , blood pressure, TCM climate Points two indicators compare . Results: The study showed that the calming liver yang , heat and activating blood , liver and kidney tonic law Tianmagouteng drink Decoction group buck the overall response rate was 70% , the western medicine nitrendipine piece group buck the total effective rate was 73.3% , between the two groups , antihypertensive efficiency showed no significant difference ( P gt ; 0.05 ) ; the TCM Syndromes improve the treatment group was 75% , compared with 13.3% in the control group , there are significant differences between the two groups (P lt ; 0.05). Conclusion: Tianmagouteng decoction party with nitrendipine tablets have significant antihypertensive efficacy compared with nitrendipine tablets , TGD Decoction not only has the same antihypertensive efficacy , and be able to significantly improve patient TCM clinical symptoms , in order to improve the quality of life of patients , increase patient treatment compliance , thereby reducing the incidence of cardiovascular events .

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