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Starting Control and Wear Compensation of Automatic Mechanical Transmission

Author JiangFengXiang
Tutor QinDaTong
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Design
Keywords Mechanical Automatic Transmission Start Wear and tear Compensate
CLC U463
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Electronically controlled automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) is a very suitable for China's national conditions, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, the production of inheritance transformation funding can be extended to all types of vehicles on the manufacturers. To achieve the AMT and started one of the issues that need to be addressed. The thesis starting SC7130 antelope sedan AMT modified main tasks are as follows: 1. Analysis of the the AMT transmission system characteristics, including engine characteristics and clutch characteristics. Greatest impact is the engine speed characteristics of the engine characteristics of the AMT. Use JL474Q1 engine performance test data, obtained the speed characteristics of the engine, and the steady-state data model of the engine is constructed. The clutch main characteristics refers to the transfer characteristics of the load characteristics and the clutch torque of the clutch friction plate. Analysis of the work pressing force of the clutch, the relationship between the stroke of the separating force and the clutch, to draw these characteristics. 2. Automotive driveline model AMT control parameters calculated. In this paper, the differential equation of the vehicle powertrain, the derivation of the formula for the jerk and friction work and AMT from the car at each stage of the process jerk and friction work, find out the jerk and friction work relations and the impact of the two main factors. According to the initial intent of the driver, the jerk and friction work to develop a control strategy of clutch start. Including the development of the target engine speed, the throttle opening of the engine and the throttle rate of change; calculate the clutch engagement speed and a target engaging amount; point to determine the half-engaged clutch; fuzzy controller and an engine design clutch actuator implementing agencies fuzzy controller. Starting Control Strategy Simulation MATLAB SIMULINK tool, with satisfactory results. 4. Clutch wear law is of great significance to improve the quality of AMT control. The main factors are the clutch wear from the the turner condition, clutch and clutch materials. Compensate for clutch wear, we should wear. Compensation, we must first identify the amount of wear on the wear. This paper analyzes the clutch recognition principle provides a theoretical basis for the wear compensation. The wear compensation including the amount of deformation of the diaphragm spring, to release bearing displacement, semi bonding point and target engagement amount of compensation. By MATLAB simulation, the initial condition of the clutch wear and clutch starting to good effect. 5. AMT started experimental test to verify the correctness of the the AMT test-bed system design and start control strategy.

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