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On Design of Process-based Collaborative Learning Environment

Author ShiHongXia
Tutor QianXuSheng
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Educational Technology
Keywords collaborative learning collaborative learning environment the process the task interactive resources
CLC G434
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Collaborative learning environment is an essential element of collaborative learning, which playing a very important role in the collaborative learning process of learners. The teaching carried out under the main concept of collaborative study, except inputs in collaboration of learners, but also need to create conducive environment for collaborative learning to carry out usefully. However, many practical problems can be found in previous actual teaching:part of the learners in the task appear in the confusion, unknown about the assigned tasks, and are unclear about the stage goal; and the whole process is no change in many collaborative learning environments, bring a lot of inconvenience, work or cognitive burden for learners; In addition, it’s difficult to supervise and manage the collaborative process for teachers. The learning environment is closely linked to the learning process, which the collaborative tasks also have special requirements for, therefore, it will change with the carrying out of the collaborative process and the collaborative task. Therefore, it is necessary to study the collaborative learning environment rule which variation with the collaborative learning process and collaborative task, designing the task-based collaborative learning environment which process as the main line, linking the resources and interactive to the collaborative process and tasks, and enhancing the environment supported of collaborative learning platform, reducing the work or the cognition burden of the team members in collaborative learning and optimizing the task-based collaborative learning process.Firstly, this paper based on the important significance of constructing the process-based collaborative learning environment, defines several important concept related about the design of collaborative learning and learning environment. Besides, the paper analyzes the results of research which is related to the collaborative learning environment.Secondly, from the perspective of task-driven, paper analyzes the significance of task-driven design of collaborative learning environment, revealing the guidance of constructivism, humanism and the theory of multiple intelligences to task-driven design of learning environment. Besides, goal-oriented is also an important factor and theory which will affect the design direction of collaborative learning environment.Thirdly, from the perspective of the definition of collaborative learning, collaborative process and learning tasks, the paper explore the essential rules of collaborative learning, discovering the basic requirements for learning environment from collaborative learning. Thus, as a basis for analysis of collaborative learning platform to support the environmental status quo, Identify problems and propose issues to be addressed in this study. On this basis, analyzes the needs of members combined with specific cases, analysis the problems of learners reflected in interactive discussions and learning experiences in order to find the members needs of interacting, learning supervision, tasks, and so on, revealing the necessity for design of collaborative learning environment.Fourthly, explore the six stages of the task-based collaborative learning and analyze the every stage, combined with the existing theoretical and practical case of task collaboration studies. Then, analyzes factors of web-based collaborative learning environment and the process of task, is task, interaction, and resources these three categories.Finally, the design goal of the collaborative learning environment is made:to achieve the procedural of resources, interactive and task management; to achieve the organization, management and control of human, resources, activity and process by collaborative team, playing role of teacher by helping, guiding and monitoring in the process of collaborative learning. Take the collaboration space as a system to analyze the nature of law, taking the factors of task, interaction and resource into the design of collaborative space, and the design of private space, public space and collaborative group space according to their specific attributes, under the guidance of the principles of integrity. The thinking of on design of process-based collaborative learning environment can best embody in the design of the collaborative group space environment.

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