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Pap noise stress ferromagnetic material hardness testing instrument

Author TianJianLong
Tutor QiXin
School Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords Pap noise Residual stress Hardness Ferromagnetic materials NDT
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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With modern industrial and scientific and technological development, non-destructive testing technology has become to ensure product quality and an important means of safe operation of equipment, and has formed a new independent comprehensive application of science and technology. NDT is without destroying the material or component was seized under the circumstances, physical, chemical and other methods and means of detecting objects were seized a variety of internal and surface defects and certain physical properties. Modern nondestructive testing and evaluation techniques, such as ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic, eddy current technology penetration and quantitative measure of the defect, such as the defect shape, size, position, orientation, distribution, and inclusions, etc., and the defective materials and products The quality evaluation technology already has considerable strength. However, the measurement of ferromagnetic materials and products of certain physical and mechanical properties, such as internal stress, fatigue, organizational structure, hardness, coating thickness, etc., is a modern development of non-destructive testing higher level. Pap noise technology is nearly 20 years of development, more innovative, non-destructive testing techniques still need to improve. It can be implemented online, transient, portable, point, monitoring the internal stress testing ferromagnetic materials, fatigue life, hardness, microstructure, surface condition, but also on the whole product or equipment for analysis and evaluation. Development potential is very dynamic non-destructive testing techniques. Ferromagnetic material has good elasticity and plasticity, and has a hard, corrosion-resistant, practical and long life cycle, etc., are widely used at present and in the future and irreplaceable industrial materials. In industrial production, machining of parts made of ferromagnetic material and composition of the product, the use of lt; WP = 4 gt; process quality problems, damage issues and end of life, not only to the normal operation of the product, even to the personal safety. Thus, various properties of the ferromagnetic material, such as stress, hardness, fatigue testing has important significance. In this paper, Pap noise signal generation mechanism and its various properties of ferromagnetic materials, such as stress, hardness, microstructure and fatigue state the relationship between the degree of in-depth and meticulous research. Basically mastered at different magnetic field strengths, pasteurized noise signal with a variety of ferromagnetic material stress, the variation of hardness. And on this basis, developed a stress on the ferromagnetic material and hardness testing Pap noise stress hardness tester. The detector includes a sensor, signal conditioning circuits, and MCUs three parts. The text of these three parts of the circuit structure, production methods, and software programming has been described in detail, and in addition to all the assembly language source code.

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