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The Structure Analysis and Optimization of Casey Green Laser Emission Dishes Support Bracket

Author YangXiuRong
Tutor ShiShiHong;GuoPeiJi
School Suzhou University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords the telescope Finite element analysis ANSYS support bracket topological
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Support bracket is an important assembly bearing loads of a telescope,which most kinds of loads will pass to, so the performance of support bracket structure affects whether the telescope design is successful or not. Using finite element method to analyze the telescope support bracket structure and take support bracket structure optimization into account, making sense in improving telescope performance, reducing the cost of design and manufacture, increasing the capability of market competition, The software of ANSYS has absolute advantage instatic analysis, dynamic analysis and optimization design etc, because of its powerful analysis function and high reliability.This text take the Casey Green Laser Emission Dishes support bracket structure for research object, analysis of structure in static and dynamic, and design of the topological optimization and size optimization. First, this paper introduces the main function of ANSYS and the method of use. Then use the Pro/E to make the initial design, and make out the structure of the entity modelⅠscheme, meshing the model by the ANSYS entity unit Solid 92, doing the in-depth study of static and dynamic characteristics in the paper. At the same time,we can get the offset, inherent frequency after loading and vibration form. Finally, according to the shortcomings inⅠtype of structure design program ,considing with two aspects of the structure and size, maximum displacement and inherent frequency as constraint conditions, and the overall quality with stents for optimized objectives, doing optimization and drawing the optimization results, the design gives two support bracket of topological optimization model and size optimization model, and according to two scheme of finite element analysis, conducting a comprehensive comparative and optimum choice get the topology optimization scheme for good plan, system offset and fundamental frequency value is the smallest, which is 0.814mm and 22.7Hz, the overall quality is 74.4 Kg, also achieved lightweight requirements. So this paper analysis and optimization provides a reliable basis for the whole telescope structure design.By the research of the Casey Green Laser Emission Dishes support bracket structure in finite element simulation and optimization, we can find out a feasible design methods and ideas, which provides guidance function for the further design of the telescope structure.

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