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Research on Sensor Selection and Optimization Technology in BIT Design for Mechatronics Equipments

Author YangGuoFeng
Tutor QiuJing
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Mechanical and electrical products BIT Sensor selection Optimal sensor FMEA MINLP
Type Master's thesis
Year 2003
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Access to information of mechanical and electrical products BIT mainly rely on the sensor, the sensor selection and layout is essential due to the diversity and complexity of the mechanical and electrical products, and particularity of the work environment, and other factors. Unreasonable sensor configuration program is not only to increase the test cost, and also lead to lower test and diagnostic capabilities, and even bring disaster. Sensor configuration, to carry out the selection and optimization of sensor technology research, the main work is as follows: 1. FMEA is the basis for test selection BIT design of mechanical and electrical products. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMEA role, analysis methods, as well as specific implementation program of three typical electromechanical products (typical transmission mechanism, the the typical rotary actuator and the typical electronic control and drive system), gives three typical mechanical and electrical products, potential failure modes, causes for the failure, the impact of failures and the corresponding fault detection method, and are classified based on the failure harsh. 2. BIT sensor selection problems for the mechanical and electrical products, trends, detecting objects as well as the basis of classification of the sensor. General principle of selection given test point configuration steps: Then, six measurement requirements to consider, given the detailed selection principle of the sensor. Finally, a detailed choice of three commonly used electromechanical products BIT sensor: vibration sensor, temperature sensor and speed sensor. 3. For electromechanical products BIT sensor layout optimization problem, first use to diagram describes the relationship of failure and sensor test and will have to map into two maps, and fault information matrix and connectivity matrix. According to the sensor optimized features, the introduction of the infinite Boolean algebra theory, proposed a sensor optimization problem MINLP model. The model assumptions, consider the rate of fault detection, fault isolation rate design index for constraints, to achieve a minimum total consideration of sensors, sensor failure probability lowest multi-objective optimization distinguish single fault. The verify numerical example shows the validity of the model. 4. Object, the application of an electromechanical system of tracking and stabilization servo platform BIT sensor selection and optimization method proposed in this paper, the specific design of optimal sensor selection with the BIT system.

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