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The Research of Construction Technology of Concrete Cutoff Wall in Complex Strata

Author SongYuGuo
Tutor ChenBaoYi
School Jilin University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords Concrete cutoff wall Drilling Process Solid wall material Wall materials Construction Application
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Concrete cutoff wall is more commonly used in an underground continuous wall of water conservancy and hydropower and municipal engineering, and is an effective measure of permeable anti-seepage treatment. Dedicated pore-forming machinery and equipment to create a slot, it is filled with mud and in the slot to prevent the collapse of the hole wall, concreting catheter slots filled with mud and displace the mud, built into the wall. Wall can be made both rigid and can also be made flexible, the former is mainly used for industrial and civil buildings in the basic part of the load-bearing and retaining the latter is widely used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, dams, seepage reinforcement. As a sophisticated construction technology, decades after home and abroad in the field of constant exploration and practice, the concrete cutoff wall construction technology to solve many large and medium-sized hydropower projects in dam and dam foundation seepage issues and municipal engineering fundamental part in retaining load-bearing problems, and the formation of a complete set of the system of norms, on the basis of the construction practice, summed up a lot of valuable experience, which laid the foundation for the development of this technology, and pointed out the direction . The papers from the choice of drilling method for the analysis of complex formation in the diaphragm wall construction, drilling equipment selection, and many other aspects of the connection between the wall segment, through my years of production practice, on the basis of past experience. construction technology in a wide range of issues discussed above work, a total draw the following conclusions: 1. concrete cutoff wall in the reservoir dangerous condition of reinforcement, large and medium hydropower deep overburden foundation seepage, etc. compared to other treatment methods there are a greater security and reliability. Due to the characteristics of the process itself, if the construction due to the complex geological conditions or improper construction accidents, difficult to handle, the price is relatively high. Choose to have flexibility for different formation conditions, drilling methods and drilling equipment, and sometimes require several methods Machines combination of construction in order to produce the best results, to achieve the greatest benefit. . The reliability of the connection between the wall segment is weak diaphragm wall construction and key links, although more mature connection, but still continued development and perfection. lt; WP = 87 gt; cutoff wall pore-forming process, the mud main stabilizing hole wall, suspension and carry the cuttings and cool the drill bit, based on the formation conditions of different selection of high quality bentonite slurry and convenient plus The agent is the hole wall stability and accelerate the effective protection of the construction schedule. 6 against the impervious wall of the role of different wall materials need to add various additives in order to meet the standards of different seepage control. Discussion summary of the technology and comparative analysis to deepen understanding of the cutoff wall construction process method to provide informative data and production example, engaged in related projects for the future. It can be predicted, With the rapid development of the accelerated pace of the country's western hydropower development and municipal infrastructure projects, the concrete cutoff wall construction technology will continue to develop and promote the application and make a greater contribution to the development of the national economy.

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