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Chinese Economic Analysis of the medical service market

Author HouJingZuo
Tutor WangYuXia
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Western Economics
Keywords Medical service market Information asymmetry Monopoly Medical insurance system
CLC R197.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Medical services related to people's livelihood as an industry body directly affect people's health and quality of life. National health helps to reduce poverty and improve social equity and economic growth. Reform and opening up three decades have seen significant socio-economic development, people's living standards have greatly improved, but also a substantial increase in the level of medical services, the national overall health is increased every year. But at this stage of China's medical and health services, there are many problems. If there is a serious medical and health services of inequitable distribution of health care costs rising too fast and so on. So we can not ignore the health care field, \In this paper, Western economics analysis method, by analyzing the characteristics of medical service market economics combined with China's actual situation analysis of China's medical services market. Because people about their health status and disease are not able to predict and treat disease, access to health can not be obtained through ordinary means but requires technical expertise in order to obtain, which is fundamentally determines the health care market has a lot different from the general on market characteristics. 'As health care is different from other consumer lies in consumer demand for their services by ignorance. Because the disease is uncertain, so consumers can not predict the occurrence of diseases more impossible to grasp their own health status changes. And health care professional and highly technical, which has basically decided that not all consumers are able to clearly know their needs, and thus consumers themselves are not able to purchase health care services for a reasonable judgment. This is the medical service market information asymmetry. As long as there is asymmetric information, moral hazard is bound to exist. This information asymmetry between doctors and patients can easily lead to \In the medical services market is established between the patient and the doctor, a principal-agent relationship. In this principal-agent relationship between doctors and patients, the doctor is not just for patients make judgments illness and treatment options agent, and he is providing treatment services providers. Health care providers can use their own agents of both patients and health care providers is the dual identity of the patient consumption induced case of symmetric information consumption does not occur, and thus reap more benefits. Plus there is a strong health care sector, technical barriers, which makes health care market itself has a strong monopoly. While the external sexual health services is also an important feature of the market. As the field of health care these market failures exist, therefore the need for government intervention. In China, during the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, which is China's tremendous social and economic impact of the medical services market is no exception. As China's deepening degree of market economy, the hospital needed facilities and equipment, pharmaceuticals, materials and other prices determined by the market gradually, thereby causing material costs increased. China is now the most health service organizations are non-profit health care institutions, but for medical services market reform process, not fully aware of the nature of public goods, medical services, making the medical services market embarked on a blind market. The rapid growth of medical costs at all times in a test of people, especially low-income people bear the psychological bottom line. Medical insurance system is not perfect, but also triggered fears. This paper is divided into five parts. The first part introduces the medical service market research background, describes the medical service market research and development economics. A brief description of the health needs of this raises the demand for medical services. And describes the characteristics of medical service market economics. The second part describes and analyzes the characteristics of medical service market economics, and analyzes these characteristics influence the market for medical services. The third part describes the medical services market, the phenomenon of market failure, the government introduced in the medical services market role. The fourth section describes the changes in our health care system, analysis of China's medical services market problems. The fifth part of the experience of the health care system by foreign countries on China's medical service market policy recommendations.

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