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Optimum Design and Simulation Analysis of Hydraulic Excavator Working Devices and Establishment of the Hydraulic System Model

Author QinZhenPei
Tutor ZhuJunPing
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords hydrauluic excavator virtual prototyping technology hydrauluic system ADAMS
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Today’s fierce market competition demand business respond quickly,but the traditional product development process need long development cycles and high costs.The engineering machinery in new product development was facing the same problem,the virtual prototype technology matures and the application of the product development provided a powerful tool and means for researchers. This paper discussed the way to use the virtual prototype technology in hydraulic excavator design, the studied mainly included the following aspects:First we introduced applications of virtual prototyping technology,comparing the traditional product development process with the application of virtual prototyping technology,which showed virtual prototyping technology is very important in hydraulic excavator design.This papers brief introduced the composition of the excavator and calculated the freedom of working device,the number of degrees of freedom was zero,which determined the working device is correct. This papers created three-dimensional model of each component and assembled excavator three-dimensional solid model in the three-dimensional modeling software PRO / E,three-dimensional model would be imported into ADAMS.Re-definited various components which was created in PRO / E so as to establish a working prototype device. We got the work scope of excavator and some special data through simulation the system in ADAMS/View,which showed movement would not produce interference in working device. Furthermore, We got the curves of hinge point force and torque by dynamic simulation, which was the base for optimization and finite element analysis. Comparing three simulation we could find that with mining location close to the excavator the biggest boom cylinder force get smaller, the biggest stick cylinder force decrease and then become larger, the biggest bucket cylinder force become larger, but the change range is not great, mining thickness decrease, mining radius decrease. In the same mining position of two mining simulation showed that stick mining need bigger force, stick mining need bigger force can get bigger mining radius.This papers would paramrtric the key hinge point coordinate of working device in order to design study and optimization analysis. Over design study obtained effect of a single design variables and sensitivity. optimization analysis significantly reduced the force of hydraulic cylinder, the biggest boom cylinder force reduced to 12.992KN from 13.30 KN, the biggest stick cylinder force reduced to 4.729KN from 4.86KN, he biggest bucket cylinder force reduced to 3.655KN from 3.83KN.Using simulation technology to build hydraulic components and hydraulic system simulation model. First changed the physical model of the hydraulic components into a mathematical model, then packaged hydraulic components model which was created in Simulink. On the basis of that connected hydraulic components together to establish a hydraulic circuit simulation model.

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