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The Research and Development of Value-added Service Terminal Platform of Smartphone

Author ZhouNianNian
Tutor ZhaoYueSong
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Smart phone Value-added services CAR component technology And welcomes the running platform
CLC TN929.53
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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With the continuous development of wireless communication technologies, especially in recent years, 2.5G and 3G communication technologies emerge so that today's mobile phone functions increasingly powerful, the mobile phone is not just traditional call tool again. Gradually intelligent mobile operating system, the phone has the ability to carry more and more new features, such as: PDA, camera, etc.. However, more striking is that the phone can run on a variety of value-added services, such as: SMS, MMS, and so on. However, with the increasing demands on the quality of life, the more urgent the hope that the phone can provide more intelligent, more personalized service. For example: automatic download mobile games, travel guidance, traffic information, e-mail, and so on. Personalized value-added services in order to meet the growing demand for service people on the phone, came into being, this phone terminal platform with a new challenge. This article describes the current the domestic smartphone and value-added services development, and the future trend of the development of value-added services in the smart phone to do the forward-looking surveys and Prospects. In order to meet the technical requirements of the value-added services, has emerged in the current market share of market dominance terminal platform - JAVA and BREW. Of architecture and operational mechanism, a detailed analysis of their characteristics and advantages for their inadequacies, the new terminal platform - \First introduced smartphone platform \Clearly the origin of the CAR component, as well as the significance smartphone application. Depth briefing on the implementation details of the CAR technology CAR technology is how to encapsulate the Microsoft COM technology package, as well as the CAR technology which extended the COM and this expansion of network applications, how to create a component object far-reaching the impact. Then detailed description and welcomes terminal run platform architecture, and welcomes the component runtime platform and welcomes the operating system implementations. Finally, discussed in detail in providing value-added services to the operation of the process, from the point of view of the mobile terminal platform CAR technology self-describing how the module package characteristics, the development of third-party components ISP run and welcomes member making instances of the operation mechanism of the platform providers, as well as third-party components. Throughout the development of the communications industry in the past two years, showing the explosive growth of the profit is not difficult to find value-added services. To cope with the rapid development of value-added services, and welcomes the terminal platform provides an effective solution. Not only does it have the JAVA compatibility, security, flexibility characteristics, but also with BREW-efficient features, has a broad space for development. Of course, the pros and cons of a mobile terminal platform, it takes time and user testing, also prompted us to its continuous improvement and perfection.

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