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Intervention of social capital : Christian social relief role in research

Author HouXiChun
Tutor ZhangChaoLin
School Changchun University of
Course Sociology
Keywords Social capital Christian Religious ethics Social relief
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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We note that YeXiaowen, China’s Religious Affairs Bureau, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently revealed at a meeting of the two in-house, at present there were approximately 130 million Christians in China, including 2 million Catholics, Orthodox 20000, each 10 Chinese Christians in a number of believers far more than party members. Playing the role of social assistance, the Church of Christ has become second only to the government’s second-largest social organization. However, the role of Christian redemption is required to play the conditions, first, the general need to be religious "brothers and sisters, " non-believers who have difficulties in the church in general do not care; second, in the church that a domain, China’s traditional "social acquaintance" is still in play a key role, those who know pastor, understanding the core members of the church, recognizing the rich religious people more susceptible to relief. In other words, the church that interpersonal networks, social capital over who controls, who is the easier it is to mobilize Christian resources. From the social security point of view, the Christian ethics is the ethical salvation, but can be redeemed in the church feel the warmth of the church who will definitely not leave the church grounds, the Church gives a spiritual well-being of the same time, give people real is in the material interests, thus, so that Jesus Christ "on the floor of the City" to the existence and development.Christian social relief role in promoting the church’s development and growth,.in turn, has enabled the church to consolidate the role of social relief, development, and the two are mutually dependent, mutually reinforcing relationship. Of these, the existence of social capital and involvement in the Christian Church has become a complex interpersonal relationships, it is the existence of social capital to make the Church the role of social assistance to better implementation. From this point, said that in the Christian will play the role of social assistance, social capital has played a catalytic role in the intervention, it is very much a new discovery. Whether from the Government’s point of view, or the broad masses of believers have some practical significance.This article frist use of social psychology, the "similarity" and "complementarity" theory to explain the vertical movement of social capital. Creative made:Christianity is the vertical flow of social capital, "Field" theory hypothesis. This academic study at home and abroad is still a blank. The introduction of the theory of social capital, hot, bold elements to present its third-generation variable, namely social capital in the Christian Church how to achieve their vertical mobility. In this particular field in the domain, social capital and social assistance has inseparable relations, so that believers can be formed between the ethics of salvation. It is evident that the Christian salvation ethical and social assistance to this person’s ideas and behavior in practice are interdependent and indivisible close relationship.

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