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Study and Application of the Digital Search Test and 16PF in the General Mental Health Testing

Author ZhangLei
Tutor LuoErPing;HuWenDong
School Fourth Military Medical University
Course Biomedical Engineering
Keywords Psychometric Digital search test 16PF test
CLC B849
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Personality tests have been more and more widely used in the identification of the personality differences, especially in terms of personnel selection, career choices, and Healthy Personality Education has played a positive role. Measurement of large-scale groups, due to the subjective factors of the test motivation, seriousness and honesty, accuracy Investigation greatly reduced. Therefore, how to quickly and efficiently determine the authenticity of the individual test results to become psychologists problems to be solved [64]. Although the study will answer as test validity index, but each person's answer time in a large-scale group test analysis can not be achieved in a short period of time. Add some new test items in the original test type social desirability and other factors can be reduced to some extent. Digital search is test test the level of tension and response capabilities. Research Aptitude Test of the SCL-90 and digital search analysis found that recruits ability to respond to depression, psychotic symptoms [1]. This suggests that researchers digital search test a supporting role in personnel screening process. Therefore, this study by cognitive ability test (FST) to detect it reduce the rate of test leak investigation has important theoretical and practical significance in the usual personality test (16PF). This study selected a three-year university students of the Military Academy as a test, 803 freshmen, 663 graduates graduating, another randomly selected sophomore, junior 287. Psychological evaluation instrument developed by the application of the Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Aerospace Medicine Equipment Department DXC-6 three students the digital search quizzes and 16PF test. Analysis of the results of the two tests of the three students and answer time and grouped according to test results of the digital search, the 16PF test of relatively low packet and packet answer research digital search quizzes and 16PF test relationship, explore the digital search test role in personality judgment. The major findings are: (1) the ability to test results found that the best results of the students, followed by graduates, newborn worst results. Digital search test results and motivation to some extent. (2) 16PF, Mental Health of Students in Different Grade level there are significant differences. The mental health level was significantly better than the students and graduates, including graduates relatively slightly lower level of mental health with the freshmen and students. (3) of 16PF answer time study found that the test answer time is mainly affected by the impact of motivation. Graduates answer the longest, followed by freshmen, the students answer the shortest time. (4) through the analysis of the test results on the the 16PF test scores and digital search for freshmen and graduates, quick thinking, smooth adaptation and mental health of college students Aptitude Test score higher. There is a certain correlation between the level may prompt the level of mental health and cognitive ability test. (5) the 16PF test scores and answer time correlation analysis showed that there is a certain correlation between personality quiz answer time, answer time measurement can also reflect certain personality characteristics. (6) are grouped according to 27% and 27% after the test results of the three students digital search found the the low packet 16PF answer time than the high score leader. The 16PF test as a means of assessing the level of mental health, is widely applications, but the test is not valid degree indicator and easy affected by the society of Xu answer and motivation of, therefore the time as a dimension of analysis and inspection, as a measure of true individual test results of validity index. Because there is a certain relationship between cognitive and mental health, establishing cognitive 16PF answer time relationship is essential. The digital search test reaction to a certain extent being tested by the level of tension, and has the title with a short advantage, the ability to test auxiliary the 16PF test as the primary screening methods of psychological assessment work effectively increase the accuracy.

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