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Study on Resistance to Oxidation of Oleoresin Ginger

Author LiLe
Tutor LiuChengLun
School Chongqing University
Course Physical and chemical
Keywords Gingerol Refined Grease Oxidation resistance Chemical kinetics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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Thesis gingerol extraction, refining conditions, research extractors of aqueous ethanol solution leaching effect of gingerol obtained by orthogonal experiments gingerol distill the best conditions: the temperature of the solution leaching 60 ° C ± 5 ℃, twice leaching time for 90min, 45min, initial leaching of the solid-liquid ratio of 1 (3 again leaching of the solid-liquid ratio of 1:1.5 in the refining process BET method tested ginger residue pore volume, micropore volume up to 43% of the total pore volume, pore size distribution is wide (47%) of the pore volume of the total pore volume of hole, both theoretically and experimentally confirmed ginger residue can be used as a adsorbent in view of the specific surface area of ??each aperture range, the pore size distribution affects both the total surface area, ginger residue as adsorption purification gingerol preferred specific surface area of ??120 to 130m2 / g pore distribution (maximum density) This article focuses on effects of the antioxidant properties of gingerol plant edible oils and fats and animal fats oxidation inhibitory effect. system to be protected by determination of peroxide value (POV), acid value (AV) changes over time to reflect ginger capsaicin its protective effect. gingerol occurred on the effective protection of the grease in the grease radical initiator steps and Gingerols, grease protection rate gradually increases as the ambient temperature rises to 50 ° C when reached the maximum experimental analysis of 50 ° C, add the gingerol-like vegetable fats and oils and animal fats like POV changes over time to meet the following relationship: the corresponding still satisfy the relationship: the lipid oxidation reaction with zero-order kinetics characteristics, this conclusion is not seen reported in the literature study was also informed that the change of temperature on the acid value. gingerol in a certain period of time (60 days), temperature (100 ° C), UV irradiation, sodium chloride solution and a low concentration of sucrose solution showed a good stability under acidic conditions, unstable in alkaline solution. citric acid, ascorbic acid, tocopherol gingerol the antioxidant capacity of a certain degree of efficiency and synergy; gingerol hormone in fat, the addition amount is the higher, the stronger the antioxidant capacity, but with the increase of the added amount, the system peroxide value reduced amplitude is reduced; polar solvent extraction gingerol antioxidant capacity. ; by gingerol different fats like oxidized mitigation, the show that the nature of the substance to be protected on the antioxidant capacity of gingerol also have some impact.

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