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Ryukyu Issue with the International Situation after WWⅡ

Author ZhangGuangFeng
Tutor XiuBin
School Ocean University of China
Course Historical Geography
Keywords Ryukyu The Ryukyu disposal after the war After the war against Japan disposal The post - war international relations
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Ryukyu history has a close and complex relationship with China and Japan. The late Qing Dynasty, China and Japan Ryukyu incident to negotiate, but did not agree. Successive Chinese governments have not recognized Japan's annexation of the legitimacy of the Ryukyu. The Ryukyu disposal is not just a problem between China and Japan, and more developed into a global problem in the reconstruction process in post-war international order, a process that involves the major issues of the relationship of the United States, China, Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries. After the war the intricacies of international relations after a severe adjustment, Ryukyu disposal problems directly affected and in the ever-changing international relations, also reflected the race of the multinational force. Post-World War II, within the framework of the Yalta system, the Ryukyu disposal once toward the direction conducive to China's development. Meeting in Cairo in 1943, China and the United States determined Ryukyu international trusteeship, the tone of the Sino-US condominium, \will be limited to Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and I decided islands as. After the end of World War II, the intensify the conflict between the wartime Allies, intensified US-Soviet confrontation of the Cold War situation. Short of the Yalta system bipolar pattern of Soviet hegemony, Ryukyu disposal program inevitably be affected. In order to counter the communist Soviet Union, the United States directly to the Ryukyu into to be under the control of its own military. The same time, the outbreak of the civil war in China, the National Government of the United States to foster the exit from mainland China, East Asia camp suffered a major setback. Due to the factors of ideology and national interests, the new China with the Soviet Union formed an alliance, the more force the United States to adjust the Far East policy. United States changed its the severely disposal of the early postwar period to date and and actively fostering Japan to fight against the socialist camp in the Far East. Sino-US relations has been in close contact with the Ryukyu disposal. U.S. policy toward China has been continuously adjusted during the US-led peace treaty with Japan and Ryukyu disposal has also been adjusted several times. China in World War II, in particular, play a huge role in the war against Japan, China's great power status is confirmed, and have an important say in the issue of disposal and Ryukyu disposal. After the end of World War II, especially after the outbreak of the Civil War, the national government gradually lost in the Ryukyu say. The socialist founding of New China has not been recognized by the United States, and Partial Andong Nan corner of the Taiwan authorities have no right to represent China, their comments are not the United States attaches importance to. So far, China has lost a golden opportunity of reasonable disposal Ryukyu. The early postwar period, Japan is facing stringent disposal of the international community has no say at all on the territorial issue. But exclusive Japanese policy in order to curb the socialist Soviet Union and China, Japan vigorous support. Successive Japanese governments take full advantage of the US-Japan alliance as well as its favorable international situation, the United States made a series of demands in the Ryukyu issue will eventually Ryukyu for themselves. With the US-Japan alliance, the United States against China in the Ryukyu deployed military bases, constitute an important part of the first island chain, a huge obstacle to the formation of China to the Pacific. Throughout World War II to grab the whole process of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan since its legitimacy needs revaluation.

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