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Art Design and Modelling Ability’s

Author RanZuo
Tutor ZhouAnPing
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Modeling capabilities Designed to create Visual expression Form the basis of Visual perception psychology
CLC J506
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of modern design faster continuous improvement of people's lives . For many design workers design level is low , only splicing predecessors or good design work abroad at each other , studying art and design students after graduation will not do design these phenomena , we found that lead to weak modeling ability . Tracing the source, to re-examine the relationship between art design and modeling capabilities , face shape basic training to expand design thinking and the need to strengthen the hand-painted skills to solve this situation , and its role should be positive . The styling is a form of visual expression , the content and form of the shape and even the shape of the use of psychological reasons has its own vision and perception . The design works of artistic expression is the designer 's spirit of self-realization need perfect mind the best way . The design process modeling activities reflects the designer 's creativity and subjectivity , its modeling performance and form the core design content . The design modeling design works of artistic expression , and has a functional role . Throughout the history of art and design , from concept , or to the content and form , mostly related to the design modeling . Predecessors to create the shape of the form and language , will become a fertile ground for the growth of art and design development , to understand and become familiar with the various periods of design modeling language , have a fundamental , basic help for us to enrich their own modeling language . As the main means to sketch modeling is based on the basic quality of design workers can not be missing . Art design modeling ability , form the basis of the training guide and inspire students to recognize the \The design capacity as an important task . Design sketches as a design professional modeling -based training and performance , to cultivate solid modeling capabilities , in line with the trend of the era of cultural design talent necessary road .

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