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Study on the Depositing Information of Check Dam and the Correlation Among Rainfall, Runoff and Sediment in Watershed

Author WeiXia
Tutor LiZhanBin;ZhengShuYan;LiPeng
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords Loess Plateau Silt dam siltation information The cholestasis layer dry bulk density changes Rainfall runoff and sediment yield relationship Particle size distribution of the sludge
CLC S157
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Access to a large number of domestic and foreign literature in this article, based on a comprehensive understanding of the development status of the check dam as well as domestic and foreign situation, using a combination of typical dam survey and observation sampling analysis and laboratory experiments computational analysis method using RAINFALL production theory and mathematical statistical theory in the Department of runoff and sediment, to carry out the the silt dam siltation process of the basin rainfall runoff and sediment yield relationship, the purpose is to provide a reference value for the Prevention Approaches to explore solutions to the water damage problem, the lack of information on areas in the Loess Plateau watershed comprehensive measures configuration, evaluation of the environmental effects of the small watershed comprehensive soil erosion control, as well as to provide a basis for the establishment of small watershed soil erosion prediction model. Through nearly two years of trial and research work, made the following conclusions: (1) layered the sludge dry bulk density of the observational analysis results show that the the the sludge dam land, the dry bulk density of the layers of sludge total layer thickness siltation dam dry bulk density does not exceed 10m, down from the previous presents the basic stability characteristics when siltation thickness of more than 10m, the dry bulk density significantly increasing trend with the increase siltation depth: When the the dam ground siltation similar (close to the siltation of years siltation thickness equivalent), dry bulk density close to the trend with siltation depth. (2) dam land layered sludge particle analysis results show that the Dam sludge particle size distribution and topography correlation does not significantly; dam land sludge layers are uniform grading curve gradation and each alluvium sludge particle size distribution between 0. 025-0. 1mm, and the particle size of each alluvium 0. 025-0. 1mm within the largest mass percentage variations. (3) check dam spillway facilities, the establishment of a process of rainfall runoff and sediment yield accumulation of sludge, sediment loads and rainfall erosivity equation type are exponential functions: y = axb, y dam to each floor sedimentation rate, x rainfall erosivity, a and b for the equation coefficients and exponent. Xi'an Polytechnic University, a master's degree thesis set up the test results show good correlation degree. (4) For the check dam spillway facilities established rainfall amount of sediment in the runoff and sediment yield process with the maximum 30-minute rainfall intensity (workers parked equation of the type are exponential functions: Xi = ae plus y for the dam on each of sedimentation rate, X is the maximum 30-minute rainfall intensity, a and b for the equation coefficients and exponent by the hypothesis testing and validation of the measured data, this relationship better, and is consistent with the actual observation process better Keywords: Loess Plateau, Silt, silt layer dry bulk density changes, the times rainfall runoff and sediment yield relationship, the particle size distribution of the sludge

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