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Jiao Zhou Yang Ko’s Tradition and Present

Author ZhangManZuo
Tutor LiuGuiFang
School Shandong Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords The Jiaozhou Yangko the history evolve the artistic characteristic
CLC J722.21
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Jiao zhou Yang Ko’s tradition and present-------- Jiao zhou Yang Ko’s historical evolution and artistic characteristic researchThe Yangko, is in Chinese folk song dance art is most widespread, one of richestartistic manifestations. Has it in national each area to have the characteristic Yangko form, likeNorth Shanxi Yangko, Northeast Yangko as well as south popular“British song”, belongs to“theYangko”this type, is the artistic form which derives at“the Yangko”.In Shandong, folk dance’s implication is rich, colorful, the Jiaozhou Yangko, the HaiyangYangko, the drum sub-Yangko and are called Shandong’s three big Yangkos. But Jiaozhou Yangko,by its unique style, exquisite technique, Ting Ting handsomely in graceful bearing elegant HanNationality folk dance park For several hundred years, it for is the continuation, themagnificent scene does not fade, depth people’s affection.The Jiaozhou Yangko, the popular name“the rice shoot ditch”, said that“theYangko”,“the running Yangko”, the folk said“wrenches apart the waist”,“threecurved”, is Shandong one of three big Yangkos, is one kind of depth the folk danceform which is liked the people, widely spreads in the Jiaodong area, only the writingrecord has nearly three century histories.The dancing play unifies the Jiaozhou Yangko sprouts in local, enlivens in thefolk, has the unique style characteristic and the widespread mass base, is maintainingthe rich local breath. Its artistic life is continuous unceasingly, long abundant does notfade.Any kind of folk dance is containing a nationality’s history, the disposition, theappeal and the esthetic idea, is also reflecting social and the time atmosphere and theartistic tidal current trend. Each nationality’s cultural special characteristic andin-depth accumulate the national spirit, always penetrates the traditional folk dancebright style characteristic to leave behind the deep signature. From this may see thatthe Jiaozhou Yangko has its important research value, its growth’s environment, theregion, people’s psychology, as well as the unique style the movement type, is worthus further discussing.This article through to the Jiaozhou Yangko tradition and present’s analysis, the main body and the artistic characteristic’s analysis, causes the folk art form which thisis locally born, living setting up in front of us, is unable to restrain to let us haveplants the inexplicable impulsion and the intense exploration. Teacher who is engagedin the specialized dance teaching as a university, for many years study and teachingpractice accumulation, has had the unique sentiment to the Shandong native place’sfolk dance form - - Jiaozhou Yangko. Believed that comprehensive and accurateinquires into the Jiaozhou Yangko, the inheritance and has the innovation todisseminate the Jiaozhou Yangko, solid and powerful protects the Jiaozhou Yangko,will take the non-material cultural heritage the Jiaozhou Yangko certainly to welcomeher“the revival”the road, will contribute the new element and the new strengthmagnificently for Chinese art enterprise’s prosperous.

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