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Transitivity Analysis of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama’s Inaugural Addresses

Author LiMin
Tutor ZhaoLuPing
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Transitivity Process analysis Analysis of participants Inaugural speech
CLC H311.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Since Halliday break through the traditional syntax and physical properties of the definition of the level of semantic interpretation of the concept of transitivity, scholars are increasingly concerned about the theory and its application of the transitivity. In this paper, the main use of systemic functional linguistics system Halliday and physical theory to analyze the U.S. President Roosevelt and Obama's inauguration speech. On the transitivity system process and participants in the distribution of research trying to analysis of the inaugural speech of the inauguration of the President of the United States in the two economic crisis, in order to discover similarities and differences. By transitivity system in material process, mental process, the relationship process, the process of speech, behavioral process, and there is a process, the process itself and the participants of the quantitative analysis of statistical data and try to found by the data obtained the two inaugural speech and physical properties on the similarities and differences between the two factors. Specifically, to study two issues, first, in two speeches, process and distribution of the participants the similarities and differences between the presence or absence of a pattern; Second, the process and the participants in the two speech presented What is the reason of the species distribution, such distribution speaker expression of intent. The main text is divided into four chapters: the introductory part, mainly describes the importance and purpose of this study. The first chapter is the literature review section, describes the research status at home and abroad and Physical Properties of the status quo and the inaugural address. In this paper, the theoretical basis of the research, that is, the Han Li Tak Systemic Functional Linguistics interpretation. Han Li Tak systemic functional linguistics, language has three major functions: ideas function, interpersonal function and textual function. This chapter Systemic Functional Linguistics ideas function, interpersonal function and textual function the appropriate Summary This paper analyzes the ideas used functions and physical properties of the system explained in detail, transitivity system contains six process, the composition and the respective characteristics were described. The third chapter discusses this article transitivity analysis method. Including a brief description of the analysis in his inaugural speech, discourse reasons for the choices, research methods, and a description of the results. Take a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, first the studied two inaugural speech in the process and a major player in statistical data, calculate the percentage of each process and a major player in, to arrive at each process and a major player in the distribution of the two inaugural speech to the statistical data obtained on the basis of qualitative analysis, found similarities and differences, and similarities and differences, to explore its causes, and trying to What is the role of the inquiry of such distribution of the expression of the speaker intent. The fourth chapter is the chapter on the analysis and discussion section, but also the focus of this article. Including the analysis of the distribution of the overall status of each process, and the various processes in the two speech focus object similarities and differences at the analysis and the analysis of the distribution of the main participants. Analysis found that the distribution of the various processes in the two speech is roughly the same, indicating that in the general direction, Roosevelt and Obama's intent is consistent, in the context of crisis to revive the U.S. economy. But specific to a process described events and things, two speech is slightly different, for example, Obama's speech in the presence of a large number of material processes used to describe predecessors in Roosevelt's speech. These differences are mainly due to different they lived historical background and two table special intent. The text will be analyzed in detail. In addition, the distribution of the major players, the two speech is also much the same, showing different parts can contact actually given a reasonable explanation. At the end of this chapter, the revelation of the Institute are described. At the end of the concluding part of the research results of the entire paper to summarize and put forward the shortcomings and ways to improve it.

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