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Research on Dynamic Mechanism and Model of ChongQing Urban’ Spacial Expansion

Author PengZheng
Tutor LiaoHePing
School Southwestern University
Course Human geography
Keywords Urban Space Development Dynamic mechanism Association analysis Chongqing
CLC F290
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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This article from the point of view of the theory of space development mode of thinking lead to expansion of urban space, density comparing the city to expand through space and time, and space to expand the power mechanisms, summed up the city space to expand the law, summarized in the urban space expansion mode type, seek more to adapt to the urban development of the road. Article to expand the mode of exploration of space as the main line, to build dynamic mechanism for the purpose of, consists of four major components: the first part of the first chapter, the meaning and methods of research, research framework concise and scope of the study is to define simple combing the theory of the development of urban space, and put forward the existing problems. Thesis frankly the object of study - urban space expansion mode and dynamic mechanism. The second part of the second chapter, the quantitative analysis method of urban space to expand the use of the extended index from three aspects of urban land, industrial land, urban land, respectively, from 1998 to 2001, 2001 to 2004, the two periods of urban land expansion The law of comparative analysis, correlation analysis and through the expansion of urban space, draw the urban space in 2020, the prediction of the size and layout of the sequence, summarized the Chongqing urban space expansion mode and universal law. The third part of the third chapter, the analysis of urban spatial expansion dynamic mechanism, meaning divided into the inherent adaptability factor external drive factor, and accessibility factor. The inherent adaptability factor contains: natural factors (including topography, hydrology, climate, vegetation, etc.), gathering diffusion factor, the traffic factor, innovation factor. Contains the main factor of the external drivers of economic driving factors, behavioral decision driving factors, socio-cultural psychological factor, urban characteristic factors (mutation factor). The Mastery scale factor system accessibility, geographic accessibility, economic accessibility scale factor inherent the adaptation elements and external driving factors linked to form a driving factor of the organic system. Relational Degree Analysis and quantitative analysis of the selected 17 indicators, summed up the various factors associated with the type of comprehensive and dynamic mechanism. The fourth part consists of Chapter IV is part of the theory into practice, above chapters from the perspective of theoretical research, this section focuses on the practical use of and outlook. Analysis comprehensive comparison of the above data, summarize the the Chongqing space expansion mode all stages of the dominant mode and prediction mode: compact spheres the axial stretching formula, intensive connotative, multicore leap development model, and the use of in Chongqing in the overall plan to guide the development of the city of Chongqing space orientation and path of development, and make policy recommendations, the generalization of Chongqing's future space development mechanism.

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