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The Creative Transformation of Folk Handicraft in Contemporary Society of China

Author WangZuo
Tutor ChenQinJian
School East China Normal University
Course Folklore
Keywords Folk handicraft creative transformation handicraft-style tourist souvenir protection commercialization
CLC J120
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Since traditional folk handicraft has rooted and grown in the traditional agricultural society, after entering the modern industrial society, it has shown great incompetence with contemporary society and has much difficulty in taking a step. As an important intangible cultural heritage, its rescue and protection have gain more and more attention .The current rescue and protection are only limited to their external static patterns -articles of handicraft, but not really improve folk handicraft’s sustainability to make it possess lasting ability to grow in the contemporary society. The quintessence of folk handicraft must be passed on by a living way. Simply keeping the articles of handicraft is not a long-term plan. Folk handicraft should make creative transformation in the transformed society, that is to rely on modern product form or use modern technology to carry on the creative transformation. " Creative transformation " is not simple commercialization, but the skilful realization of combination of quintessence of folk handicraft and contemporary products, thus not only to make folk handicraft have new carrier transmission renewal, but also to make contemporary products have obvious Chinese style and ethnic characteristics, so that both sides can complement each other.The commercialization of folk handicraft has already begun in ancient times, and after entering modern society, its commercialization grows in intensity. Now the commercialization and authenticity issue has caused various circles of society, especially concern of the educational circles. At present, the commercialization of folk handicraft is mainly to enter the tourist market as tourist souvenir, but its current situation allows us of no optimist, which demands urgently improvement, or else it will bring " the extinction " to handicraft. Therefore, This text puts forward the concept of " handicraft type tourist souvenir " to correct the mistaken idea and the simple commercialization of handicraft in the process of tourism development, and recommend to rely on tourist souvenir to carry on the creative transformation of handicraft, thus to avoid the direct impact on handicraft by tourist market effectively, and to provide a practical way for the protection and passing on of handicraft.The article first introduces academic understanding development of folk handicraft and the "creative transformation" theory. After that, the author analyzes the characteristics of folk handicraft, including folklore characteristics, artistic characteristics as well as spiritual characteristics, and its important presence significance in contemporary society, to note the importance of retaining handicraft in modern society. Then the thesis points out practical difficulties faced by contemporary handicraft and the causes, to note handicraft in contemporary society must find a new outlet - creative transformation. In the end of the first part, the author analyzes the foundation of creative transformation and some preliminary conversion attempt nowadays, aiming at explaining the feasibility of carrying on the creative transformation of handicraft.The Second part recommends different issues about handicraft’s commercialization and Japan’s successful case of " making township movement " at first, then enumerated the serious problems that our handicraft enters the tourist

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