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Optimization of Cable-membrane Form-finding and Load-case Analysis Based on APDL of ANSYS

Author TangXi
Tutor ZhuZhaoQuan
School Hohai University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Cable-membrane structure APDL Find optimization Load analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Cable-membrane structure as a new type of building structure with reasonable force, high efficiency, and the advantages of novelty and its good economy, shows great vitality and broad prospects for application. In this thesis, the form-finding analysis of cable-membrane structure, load the theories and methods of analysis, ANSYS parametric design language as a tool of the cable-membrane structure parameters. First, the article reviews the application situation and research status at home and abroad, the cable-membrane structure and gives a more precise definition of the system of cable-membrane structure, classification, and expounded the basic assumptions of the analysis of cable-membrane structure, nonlinear finite element method, solutions of nonlinear equations and convergence. Built cable-membrane structure analysis model and the selected unit type, mesh cable pre-tension values, time step and convergence tolerance as to optimize the design variables, the membrane area most provinces or weight of the lightest as state variables for the optimization of the objective function, the maximum and minimum stress of the membrane surface, the displacement of the membrane node shape optimization analysis, the resulting form-finding results very close to professional software, and calculate the error in the range of engineering allowed. This article investigated by an example of dignity, the different prestressed ratio of the cable-membrane form finding analysis. Shows that, within the projected area of ??the surface curvature and unit weight change large cable-membrane structure, its weight form finding. When the holding cable in the pre-tension the same, increasing the pre-tension of the film, increasing the curvature of the resultant structure. Maintain the ratio of the two constant, only change its value does not affect the size of the shape of the structure. The article describes a method for determining wind, snow load to find optimization model for load analysis of the initial state effects of the snow distribution coefficient, elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of the change in load analysis of cable-membrane structure, conclusion: the greater the curvature of the film surface, the greater the degree of the snow distribution coefficient impact; correspondingly increased with the increase of the elastic modulus or Poisson's ratio, the maximum principal stress and the minimum principal stress and the maximum vertical displacement Save small. The article also by a count cases of simple analysis of the differences and work together analysis of cable-membrane structure as a whole to work together analysis. When considering the overall model, the lower part of the steel structure deformation caused by the decline in cable-membrane structure Zhang Ligang: Both calculate the mechanical response of the model variation declined, but the overall model of stress than the stress of separation model, and the film surface than a large area is a large displacement occurs. Finally, summarize the work done in this article based on the need for further research and exploration of content.

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