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The octagonal plants Peel chemical composition and promote neurite growth activity of

Author DuanLei
Tutor MaChangHua;HuangJianMei
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Of Pharmacy
Keywords Illiciaceae Peel Chemical composition Content determination NGF PC12 cells
CLC R282
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Anise plants in the world there are about 34 species, 24 species of which China has as the main distribution area. And star anise and maple leather for the 2000 version of \Another dozen anise plants root, root bark, fruit warm in the cold, Qufengchushi, pain and other effects of the gas line, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, muscle strain, abdominal Leng Tong embolism. In addition, star anise also folk widely used as a food seasoning. Octagonal plants fruit shape is very similar to some varieties are toxic, so figure out the chemical composition of the plants and the physiological activity of the ingredients is extremely urgent and necessary. Chemical composition studies reported in the majority of Chinese star anise plants, only the volatile components have been reported, but the chemical composition of the gymnanthera star anise and Phi coniferous octagonal peel research and other constituents of the still blank, the thesis as the object of study, a systematic study of the chemical composition of the above two octagonal peel, spectroscopy, spectroscopy and chemical means, isolated and identified seven compounds from gymnanthera octagonal, respectively, beta-sitosterol, 2 6-dihydroxy-humla-9 (E) -3 (12), 7 (13) ,9-triene, quercetin -7 - methyl ether, protocatechuate and shikimate, shikimyl acid methyl ester, daucosterol ; lanceolata octagonal isolated and identified six compounds were beta-sitosterol, 3, 4 - dimethoxy benzoic acid, shikimic acid methyl ester, quercetin, protocatechuic and shikimic acid. The above compounds are first isolated from the two plants wherein 2,6-ihydroxyhumla-9 (E) -3 (12) 7 (13) ,9-triene Mangcao of acetate, quercetin -7 - methyl ether for the first time isolated from the plants. PC12 cells model the research gymnanthera octagonal in chemical composition to promote role under PC12 cells neurite outgrowth induced by NGF, preliminary results show that: Mangcao methyl daucosterol may promote neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells. Established for the first time the star anise plants peel protocatechuate HPLC method, I made 15 kinds 1.80 protocatechuate content was measured to study the distribution of the protocatechuate in I made Illiciaceae, plants to identify a high content of varieties, as the foundation of the original the protocatechuic resource utilization.

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