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Exploring Cao Pi’s Plentiful Emotional World Through His Poets and Papers

Author RenXiuZuo
Tutor HanGePing;FuYaShu
School Northeast Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Cao Pi achievements pursuit literati complex life exploration
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Cao Pi had many works,which had been handed down in his life. These works trulyreflected his plentiful emotion world. Through all his works, there are three parts:achievements pursuit,literati complex and life exploration. Achievements pursuit accompanied the whole life of Cao Pi. Being the impact of CaoCao, adding his personal status, Cao Pi put achievements into a more wide space ,andprovided the behavior could save common people and benefit nation, he would regard it asachievement . Literati complex was what that Cao Pi was always cheasing. Cao Pi had the talent ofliterature and had the soft feeling of being literati, and becoming a true literati was hisunreasonable demand. He was thirsty of living in the feeling world of literati, which alwayshovered around him and became continurous literati complex. The literati complex made CaoPi love literature and cherish literati .He improved the position of literature and he expressedhimself with literature. Literature was his best friend. Life exploration was an eternal topic of human being. The end of han dynasty and SanGuo was a turbulent age in history. The value and weakness of life were expressed farthest.Because it was very difficult to grasp life firmly, Cao Pi wanted to clear up these sufferingsthrough leading life of pleasure. However the worrying mentality always hovered around him.At the same time, he began to think over the life: it was normal of living and death and heshould cherish friendship and love. He began to explore the value of life actively. At last, hehad a new understanding to life: he should try his best to realize his life value in the limitedlife.

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