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A Study of Recruitment Handbooks of Training Class for the Postgraduate Entrance Exam: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Author MengBin
Tutor LiFaGen
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords critical discourse analysis ideology functional grammar three-dimensional framework
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Critical Discourse Analysis is a new branch of linguistics. In the meantime, CDA does not own its theory until systemic-functional grammar and framework of Fairclough’s three dimensional perspectives are introduced and being applied. Systematic-functional grammar provide necessary grounds for CDA which in the meantime makes full advantage of and absorb the essence of SFG. CDA aims at exploring the relationship among the language, ideologies and power. It seeks to reveal the underlying ideologies and power relation hidden in discourse. Advertisements are steering and controlling people’s ideas and values directly or indirectly, and play a more and more obtrude role in the formation of the attitudes and thoughts. So, the present thesis can help the readers understand how the advertisements realize their purpose and change the ideologies gradually.Based on the CDA, the present thesis makes attempt to research on ideologies from the recruitment handbooks of training class for Postgraduates Entrance Examination. Through the handbooks, we study the comparative analysis between the image certain training class depict for itself and its descriptions of its competitors in its handbooks. It can reveal the values embedded in discourse and explore function of language by analyzing the handbook of certain training class. The present materials are analyzed at three levels. At the textual level, the thesis explores the aspects of lexical classification, transitivity, and modality. We will analyze and disclose the hegemonic struggle with the help of interdiscusivity at the discursive level. We show how the thesis is determined by the social and cultural factors at the third level.Therefore, the diverse language aspects and approaches can be reflected in the comparative analysis of recruitment handbooks and reveal different attitudes and ideologies of these training classes. The investigation of the words from those handbooks tell us that these training class want to recruit more and more students and make large sum of money regardless of the students’rights as they use some special words to cheat the readers of the handbooks.

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