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Inter-subjectivity in News Translation

Author ZhongYing
Tutor ZhouYan
School Guangxi University for Nationalities
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords news translation translation subjects inter-subjectivity post-colonialism ideology
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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News is the dominant resource from which people get information of the world .The diversity of languages in the world decides the fact that news is written in variouslanguages. In the time of globalization, news translation is indispensible for people tocover news from different nations and written in different languages. Both home newsand international news need to be translated to cater for readers of different languagesand backgrounds. News translation possesses special features which require theinvolvement of different persons in the translation process. The persons involved arenamed translation subjects according to relevant theories and each subject in newstranslation has his/her subjectivity, i,e his own views about news translation. In orderto finish an undertaking of news translation, different subjects in news translation needto communicate and negotiate with each other so as to achieve a unity. Newstranslation calls for communication between these diverse translation subjects andreflects more mutual influence, which could be viewed as inter-subjectivity.Under the present post-colonial context, different ideology may lead to variouspublicity purposes in news reporting. News translation may be regarded as a tool ofstruggling for national and cultural identity and against hegemony. In this case, theinvolvement of diverse subjects in news translating is much evident and the study ofinter-subjectivity in news translation becomes much necessary. Usually the subjects intranslating will overtly or covertly place requirements and restriction on each other,and interfere with the other subjects’thoughts and actions. In this way, these subjectshave certain effects on the production of news translation. This interference is therepresentation of inter-subjectivity in news translation.Among all translation subjects, translators, being the negotiator andinter-mediator of different languages and cultures, should shoulder up strongerresponsibility for the translation and meet the demands of other translation subjectsthrough presupposition and subjective actions in translating. Translators need to negotiate between the purpose and background of the source news and therequirements and policies of the initiator and patronage of a translating activity, andpresuppose the stance and needs of other subjects in translating. News translators needto consider and balance the subjectivity and needs of other translation subjects, andthen work with their ideology, knowledge and linguistic proficiency to finally producea news translation.

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