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Chinese Discourse Semantics administrative documents

Author DuZeBing
Tutor YangChaoJun
School Henan University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Chinese administrative documents Discourse Semantic Discourse Analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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This paper uses the Martin and Ross (2003) proposed discourse semantic theory, through qualitative analysis method on Chinese administrative documents used in the analysis of discourse semantic resources. This thesis topics for three reasons: First, the Chinese administrative documents is an important meeting, special event, need to publish material information issued by the background. In other words, Chinese administrative documents are public administrations to implement policies, exchange information and communicate opinions or issued. Therefore, the Chinese became the chief administrative documents dealing with official departments most effective way of communication. Chinese administrative documents is considered to be a kind of goal-directed communication activities, with information, guidance and persuasion, while convincing is its ultimate goal. Chinese language not only administrative documents general characteristics of writing and rhetoric, but also in selected under repeated as appropriate, in order to highlight the importance of the event, to achieve persuasion purposes. Therefore, these languages ??are how choice is worth studying. Second, although some scholars from the application writing, rhetoric, pragmatics and other aspects of Chinese administrative documents have been studied and have something to contribute, but from the perspective of discourse analysis of Chinese administrative documents is still a blank. Third, despite the existence of such convergence theory, functional grammar, discourse macro-structure analysis methods, but these methods are mainly in the sentence-level research methods. Martin and Ross proposed under the framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics Discourse semantic theory provides us with a new perspective of discourse analysis. The theory includes evaluating systems, conceptual system, linking systems, identification systems and discourse metrical system of five systems. These semantic systems work together to achieve the discourse level conceptual meaning of language, interpersonal meaning and textual meaning. Chinese administrative documents are written discourse, so the application of discourse semantic theory to explore Chinese administrative documents in the discourse semantic resources is appropriate. The use of these systems for the analysis of Chinese administrative documents can understand how people posting objectively express their attitude, and how to construct the real situation and is very logical point of view to show presentation. In order to analyze operable, the paper from the \Through qualitative analysis, aimed at solving two problems: First, the document is used in what kind of semantic resources; two are chosen so that the discourse semantic resources to produce what kind of meaning. Therefore, to explore Chinese administrative documents in the Discourse Semantic choose to become the main purpose of this thesis. Through in-depth analysis, we found that Chinese administrative documents highlight the potential for the receipt by the behavior of those judgments to achieve evaluate the authority and seriousness; its conceptual significance achieved primarily through physical processes, which helps to build the urgency and importance of the event. Chinese administrative documents coherent overall convergence with the alleged clarity of information metrical and strong logic. Objective and concise language, in order to process the main substance of the sentence, the logical link between explicit semantic resources such as word documents together to make a clear point of view, a prominent theme, structured argumentation full, easy to understand and accept those who received the text. The authors hope, through the analysis of documents semantic resources, able to provide the official document issued by the reference, especially for documents and other practical teaching and learning activities have a positive effect; hope that this study will help promote mutual understanding between the executive branch, administrative departments and the public closer to the relationship between the increase public trust in government, social harmony. This paper is divided into five chapters: The first chapter briefly describes reasons this topic, research objectives, corpus collection, research methods and thesis component. The second chapter mainly from two aspects of the conduct of this study conducted a literature review. First, review the history of discourse and discourse analysis, especially including the Prague School, convergence theory, functional grammar, discourse analysis of macro structures involving different theories were outlined. Secondly, the research status of Chinese administrative documents were reviewed. Chapter III presents the theoretical framework used in this study - Martin and Ross (2003) proposed discourse semantic theory and the theory were discussed included evaluation system, the concept of the system, linking systems, identification systems and discourse metrical system five analysis system. Chapter five of the discourse semantic theory is applied to the selected system administrative documents in Chinese, Chinese administrative documents on the semantic resources used in the in-depth and detailed analysis, explains the Chinese administrative documents in the semantic resource selection causes. Chapter V summarizes the main content of the paper pointed out the limitations of this study, presented recommendations for future research.

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